I beg your attention:

In Facebook, a "Punjabi Goddess-Mansi" ("Mansi Katiyar") shows and sells pictures from this website and videos from the youtube channel of the goddess (velocity04) as her own. For this, she has no permission, so this "lady" commits a copyright infringement and we beg you all for not supporting her with this offense.

If you have any question to the lucky boyfriend of the goddess, please send him a Mail to:




or visit him and the goddess beautiful feet on:




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@ Goddess Punjabi


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@ punjabi.goddess

Hurray guys. The goddess feet are back on youtube!

In every passionate mans life comes the day when he will decide whose woman feet he wants to belong and worship them in the future. When i saw goddess Punjabis feet, it was this day for me.
And since this day I belong to the wonderful feet of goddess Punjabi.
So i have sworn to adore her feet and to serve them faithfully and obedient.

This oath was the happiest decision of my life because an oath is irrevocable and so it binds me under her feet for the rest of my life. And that's an incredibly wonderful feeling.

I´m only a virtual servant, far away from goddess Punjabi.

But nevertheless i´m very happy that I will be allowed to adore her divine feet.

The boyfriend of goddess Punjabi is doubtless the happiest man in the world and I sincerely hope that the goddess and he will be always happy together!

Impression of the goddess feet, in deeply Love...

This is what the divine feet of goddess Punjabi do with me:

 I'm overjoyed when I look at them!


I feel a very deep love for them!

And - I admit - I´m also a little bit shamed if I confess here, that i have two feet irrevocable sworn, my lifelong, submissive and faithful devotedness and that i adore this feet like goddesses.
Two feet of a wonderful young lady who not even knows, that I am exist at all.

But it´s what I feel if I see the beautiful feet of the celestially goddess Punjabi (and i love and want this feeling!).


You sweet, wonderful feet.
If I look at you, I´m in love.
So much in love that my belly tingles and my heart hits faster.


I love you




I adore you


For the rest of my live

The adored feet of goddess Punjabi as wallpaper for your Desktop.
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