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Here I want to post your story that describes what you dream and feel about you and the goddess feet. Please mail me your stories and I will send it to the

boyfriend of the goddess.

With his OK, I will post your story here on the website.

The first Story from Anand

I and my wife migrated to Canada for better opportunities like other people .But we were not lucky enough to get a good job. So my wife and I got a job to do housekeeping work in a punjabi family house. We both feel lucky that we got sheltor and food. Family had two members ,a beautiful lady and her bf.When first time  i saw that lady she had a beautiful smile on her face her  hair were pulled back in a ponytail. She was wearing a tank top with shorts and flip-flops. I could only look at her feet for less than a second but they were  incredible! I guessed that she wore a size6 and her toes were perfectly graduated from the big toe to her pinky toe. Her toes were also the perfect length. Not overly long like fingers and not short and stubby. She had a really high arch and a narrow heel with a very sharply defined ankle and Achilles tendon.  Her legs were slender but nicely toned. Her toes were painted silver.  I and my wife got a room. Next day downwards my wife started doing kitchen work and I started doing other household and cleaning work. Every thing was working fine.

This story begins on one of my more daring moments, I thought she was out with her bf, so I started licking her high heels.

But suddenly PG came from somewhere.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing you fucking freak!" I dropped her heels and froze in panic, my face flushing immediately red. She continued before I could reply.

"How fucking dare you even be in my room, never mind touching yourself?" Her voice was incredulous, completely horrified at what she was seeing.

"and what the fuck are you doing with my heels , you some kind of perverted freak? Touching yourself there with a woman's heels, how dare you touch any of my belongings without permission, you're not even worthy to touch my sandles at all".

I was still in total shock from her anger, I cowered and averted my eyes down as she was walking towards me, her arms waving and face redden. Her callous anger towards me was somehow thrilling in the humiliating position I was in.

I started to stammer out a few words, "PG I'm so sor-". A firm slap stopped my words in their tracks, she had struck me on the cheek and it immediately stung.

"Don't you dare even speak to me, I don't want to hear another word come out of you perverted loser little mouth." And she slapped me second time. I was worried what would happen if she tells the same to my wife.

I gone to her in another room and I built up the courage to speak.

"PG I-".

"Silence." She interrupted. It wasn't loud or angry, but the finality of the comment gave no indication that she expected anything other than it being adhered to. I abruptly silenced.

"Not a word. I am immensely angry at you, servant". Servant was a word she had used previously when referring to me, it was a little annoying as I was a housekeeper, but I always bit my lip and let it slide. This time it had a strange resonance with me. I stopped myself from replying, I was desperate to gush an apology and beg to keep my job.

"What I saw in there was perverted and disgusting, and a total invasion of my privacy. I forbid you to even touch any of my personal possessions again with out express permission, do you understand". Her voice was businesslike, but kept that bossy tone she always had.

"Yes." I replied meekly.

She paused. "Why did you do it?"

The question, for some reason surprised me, I was expecting a verbal beat-down and a firing, not being asked why.

"Erm, well, I just." I couldn't think of anything to say, reddening deeply.

"Tell me why you decided to lick my heels." She crossed her arms, and stared at me blankly.

I answered without really thinking, "because they've been in your feet and it turned me on to think about that". I tactically hadn't mentioned me loving her feet.

"And you like my feet, right?"

"Well, erm. Yes I do." I was becoming thoroughly embarrassed again, and the words came out quiet and weak.

"You are attracted to the very lowest point on my body.

I gulped, "I guess you're right.”

"Understandable, but not forgivable. I'm very used to having guys do anything to be with me, , some want to buy me things and pamper me.

She stared into my eyes, frowning, and I felt so small and insignificant. "Tell me why I shouldn't fire you,and don't tell this incident to your wife and for god's sake don't stammer like an idiot".

I was a little more prepared for this question, but I had difficulty not stammering under the pressure.

"Because I am so sorry, PG, I didn't mean to offend you. It's just that you're so beautiful that I couldn't control myself. I can't afford to be jobless, I have too much debt, I'll work overtime for a month, anything that needs doing I do. Please don't fire me."

"Please, PG Please no." I begged. "I'll do anything, please don't report me to the police, I'm so sorry for angering you. I'll do anything you say, just name it and I'll do it."

She leaned towards me slightly. "That's more like what I wanted to hear. Now listen to me very closely. I couldn't give a shit about you, I don't care about your debts, your job, or anything about you. The only reason why I've not kicked you out is that I might be able to get some amusement from you. Having such complete control over someone does sound fun, I wouldn't even have to pretend to date you." She smirked at that.

"Now," she continued, "my first decree, is that you're not allowed to call my PG only people I don't have at my mercy call me PG. You can call me..." She thought for a moment. "Princess!" She let out a little giggle.

"OK, Princess". I replied.

She giggled again. "This might actually be some fun . You must always be in your knees when I'm present. Well, servant, what are you waiting for?"

I quickly sank from my chair to my knees, looking down at her perfect feet in flip flops.

"Good, and don't you get any ideas down there, remember servant. If you do one thing to upset me, you're out."

"I understand, princess".

She kicked off her right flip flop towards me, it was clean but obviously well used.

"Now I want you kiss it, softly, and promise to be my servant, doing exactly what I say, without question, in the ultimate pursuit of pleasing me".

I leaned down and planted a gentle kiss on the rubbery material.

"I promise, princess".

"I really do princess, I would live to kiss your perfect feet, it would make me so happy."

Soon my wife got a good job and she wanted both of us quit this housekeeping job and she took me to PG to tell that we both are moving out.

It was a great surprise for the PG and she told that my wife can leave but she ll not leave me. This made my wife angry and she shouted at PG.

PG smiled and told me ,come here , loser." I sat on my knees few centimeters away from her foot ."Stick your tongue out, and follow my foot with it, but don't you dare touch it, loser." She told.

I obediently stuck out my tongue and stared intently at the silver toe nail polish. There was a little bit of dry skin but other than that her feet were very smooth and often pedicured, I was sure. PG moved her foot from right to left, up and down, and I followed it closely like a dog to a treat. She moved it in circles and patterns and I concentrated on staying as close as possible, despite the urge growing to take one of those perfect toes into my mouth. This continued for a few minutes, along with her smile before she stopped. My wife got totally surprised and was not understanding what is happening.

"You want to suck on these toes don't you? Tell me how badly you want to suck on them and tell your wife also." Her grin was menacing and wide, she was loving having another human being acting like this for her.

"I want to suck on your perfect toes more than anything in world, princess. Please let me taste them." I replied.

She extended her foot towards me, and my heart raced as I leaned forward and slowly, hesitantly wrapped my lips around her big toe, a rush of happiness and arousal flooded me, but before I even had it all into my mouth she pulled it back out again quickly.

PG told my wife that I m her servant and I can't live without her feet. If she wants to leave ,she can leave.

She extended her foot and I took her toe into my mouth again, feeling the slender curves against my cheeks as I sucked it lovingly for a couple of seconds. To my dismay, she of course pulled back again much too quickly.

She then saw my wife ,who was standing watching all things and was totally shocked. PG then told my wife that I m her slave,who cannot live without her feet.

Better, you may suck each toe for 10 seconds each. And I want it to feel like you're really worshiping a princess. If it's not pleasurable for me, then you'll never touch my feet again."

I obeyed immediately and sucked on each toe, slowly, lovingly and passionately, making sure not to go over ten seconds. Her feet tasted clean but just a little salty, it was an excellent feeling. I tasted every inch of her long slender toes, making sure to put every effort into making it pleasurable. When she crossed her other leg to give me access to her left foot, I was sure she was very much enjoying the situation.

I obediently sucked those toes for ten seconds each time, which was no where near enough for my liking. A little flutter of excitement went through me as I couldn't believe I was doing what I was doing. When I finished I knelt there, gazing up at her sharp but sexy features, but she simply stared at me, unwavering.

She lifted her foot towards me, pointing her toes so that they were inches away from my face, I took this an as invitation, closed my eyes and leaned to place a kiss on it. But instead received a kick to my cheek, causing me to reel back in surprise.

"Well that's all you're having for now."


My Friday morning commute with PG (Story from Kyle)

It was Friday and I was rushing to work. I usually take city train from a station close to my house. I reached the Clairview train station and parked my car. Train came in and I got into the railcar and got my self seated. This rail car was old style with two chairs facing toward each other. Train started and I kept my laptop bag and my lunch bag on the right seat. I took out my walkman phone and plugged in my headphones and started listening to music. My commute is usually 25 mins to downtown.
Train stopped at the next station. I saw that a very nicely dressed up lady got in and sat in the seat front of me (we were facing eachother). She was very beautiful. She was wearing a very classy top and a knee length pencil skirt with 6” slit on the side. She would be about 5’ 5” in height. She had very nicely done makeup with cat-eyes style liner, brown eyes, long black hair, studs in her ears, she was wearing nude lip stick and baby pink manicure. She would be in her mid 20’s. On the whole she was looking like a professional model. She gave me a little smile and sat down with her right leg crossed over her left knee. Her legs were buttery smooth+toned and she was wearing a hot black pair of matte leather pumps. Her pumps had flower shaped studs around the toe box area with the same pattern stretching all along the sides and to the back of ankle. All of sudden, I felt that if I have seen these shoes somewhere before. But where? I couldn’t seem to recall. Also, she was wearing an anklet on her right foot which had two hanging letters ‘PG’. PG struck my mind again. I have read that somewhere before. But where?
As I was putting pressure on my mind to recall the shoes and ‘PG’, I saw that her right foot, which was about 8” above the floor, popped out of her shoe. I saw her beautiful smooth sole and felt like licking it with my tongue. She was looking outside the window and I was looking at her feet. Then I saw that she loosened her shoe more. Now only her toes were inside the toe box. Rest of the shoe was hanging on her toes. I got more excited as I saw more of her foot. I could see that she has some real high arches. Her shoe sole was facing me and I saw that there was a little sticker she picked which was stuck on her shoe sole. I could read the shoe brand. It was ‘Nine West’ and size US 6. I just wanted grab that shoe and lick the shoe bottoms.
I was just curious to see her toes. I was praying to god that please do something so I can see her toes. I raised my eyes to look at her and I saw she was smiling a bit looking toward the window. Oh man! She must have seen me starring at her feet like a monkey starring at banana.
Looks like I was lucky that day. I saw that she popped out 3 of her toes from the shoe. I couldn’t see the toe nails as we were sitting facing eachother. I wanted to see the nail paint but I couldn’t. But I was looking at her long lusicious toes. Then she started dangling her shoe on two toes. As the train was in motion her shoe was dangling. I looked at her she was still smiling. I thought she knew that I am into feet and she is playing with me.
Then she popped out her 2nd toe. Oh man, that 2nd toe was really long and I love long toes on girls. I just wanted to suck on that toe right there. Now her shoe was only supported on her big toe and I was so curious to see her big toe at any cost. She was dangling her shoe pretty good. I was just waiting for that shoe to fall. Then I thought what if she gets off at next station. The train was crowded as downtown was approaching. Her shoe was still on her big toe.
Then to my relief the railcar experienced a little jerk and what I saw was unbelievable. Her shoe fell off her big toe and her big toe was exposed. Oh man! What a sexy big toe she has. Wait!!!!!! I saw something that sent me to a ride through my memory lane. I saw that SHE HAS A CHAINED TOERING ON HER BIG TOE. Now that is something very special and exclusive to a foot goddess I have been slave to.      ‘PUNJABI GODDESS’!! I jumped saying this. She looked at me and gave me a smile. She must be thinking that I got excited after looking at her exposed bare foot.
Yes she is Punjabi goddess right there in front of me. But wait let me confirm that first with myself. I took out my phone and in the browser I typed in ‘www.punjabi-footgoddess.net’. I went to the goddess’ pictures to make sure. Then I saw the same chained toe-ring on the big toe in the pictures. It was absolutely same. I got so much excited. Everything makes sense now. Black studded leather NINE WEST pumps and the PG anklet.
She is PUNJABI GODDESS. My dream goddess in front of me. She lives in Edmonton? Wow! what a small world. We live in the same city. I couldn’t believe that. Then train stopped. It was my station. I decided not to let this opportunity go from my hands and decided not to get off. To hell with work. I am in front of Punjabi Goddess.
Her shoe was lying on the floor. The floor was dirty. She was still sitting as if nothing happened. She didn’t even try to pick up her shoe. Why would she! She is a goddess and slaves like me should serve her. I was thinking of some plan on how to convince her to let me worship her feet. I don’t want her to freak out on me if she didn’t like my wish. I have to keep her calm.
I was starring at her feet like a hungry dog. I just wanted to suck those sexy toes especially her big toe. She was wearing black nail paint on her toes. Then I thought to myself that there should be a toe ring on her 2nd toe on the other foot too. I looked at her. She looked at me, then she looked at her shoe lying on the floor and looked back at me. She didn’t smile this time. Then she took out her phone and started doing something.
‘What does this gesture means? Does she want me to pick her shoe up and put it on her foot.’ I talked to myself. As much as I wanted to suck on her toes, I wanted to serve her by putting that shoe on her foot also. But what if she doesn’t like it. Then I thought what other chance am I gonna get to serve her ever? This is opportunity and this is my only shot.
‘If you don’t mind may I have the honour of putting this shoe on your foot please?’ I gathered all my courage and said that to her. She looked at me and smiled and nodded in yes. I felt like I am on top of the world. I stretched my hand toward her shoe. The shoe was actually between her other foot and the leg of the seat. I was in luck. I had to bend in order to reach the shoe. I bent my back and stretched my hand, my face was so close to her exposed feet. I bent more and found that my nose was just an inch away from her toes. I took a deep sniff in hope of inhaling her foot aroma. Oh my god! Her foot smelled so gooooooooooood! Its morning time and her foot already smelled sweaty. I just love that leather mixed with foot sweat smell. And experiencing that with Punjabi Goddess made me feel I am the luckiest person on earth.
I looked at her she was busy with her phone. All of a sudden, she flexed her toes. All her toes were stretched out and pointing up and just in front of my mouth.
‘Holy Shi………….Gulp’! Her big toe landed in my open mouth. Actually the rail car experienced a big bump again as I was saying Holy Shit while looking at her toes and I experienced a force toward her foot and that is how her big toe got into my mouth. In that fraction of second I swept my tongue across her big toe and my tongue touched that precious toe-ring chain. That was a moment of utter joy for me. Me sitting with my face close to Punjabi Goddess’ feet and her big toe in my mouth. I wish somebody could have captured that moment. I wish this moment lasted for long but it didn’t. Her toe came out of my mouth as the train cleared the bump. She looked down at me as she raised her eyebrows as if she was asking ‘what the hell was that?’
Before she could ask I said ‘I am sorry it was because of that stupid bump. Please don’t mind.’ She then relaxed and smiled at me. My face was still close to her feet. I then reached out to her shoe and grabbed it. I told her that the shoe has become dirty due to the dirt on the floor.
‘If I have your permission, can I please clean your beautiful shoe and then put it on. This dirty shoe is not worth your beautiful feet right now.’ She grinned and nodded in yes. I took her shoe and started cleaning it with my shirt. I wanted to lick it clean but had to control my feelings.
‘Why are you cleaning it with your shirt? Your shirt will get dirty.’ she said. ‘Right now my only concern is to make your shoe shine. I love these shoes. Actually I love all your shoe collection. Nobody has shoes like you do.’ I couldn’t control for long.
‘How do you know about my shoe collection? We are meeting for the first time.’ She asked in a curious tone.
‘Yes we are meeting for the first time Goddess but I have been your fan from a long time. The day I have seen your website and all your pictures, I have become a slave to you. I wanted to worship your feet the day I have seen your feet. That big toe ring is so horny. Nobody puts a toe-ring on the big toe, not that I have ever seen it in my life. I love it on your feet. Your feet are so beautiful. The best looking feet I have ever seen in my life. I have bought a couple of your used shoes also. I sniff and lick them everyday!’ I couldn’t believe that I said everything in one breath.
‘You lick my shoes?’
She questioned me in a weird tone.
I was little embarrassed. I didn’t want to say that but I spilled out everything that came to my mouth. Now I can’t go back. ‘Yes Punjabi Goddess. I lick your shoes enjoying the fact that they were in your feet at some point.’ I said looking at her shoe which was in my hand.
She grinned at my plight. She said ‘Looks like you are madly in love with my feet’. She scrunched and flexed her toes again sitting cross legged and said ‘So what do you want?’
‘Is she really asking me that? Is she gonna let me do what I want?’ I thought to myself.
‘I wanna do lot of things with your feet, my Goddess.’ I said.
‘Don’t you dare think about doing anything dirty (sexual) with my feet. I don’t allow that stuff.’ She said bluntly looking at me with little anger.
‘No! No! Goddess, please don’t misunderstand me. I am merely worth that dirt under your feet. I can not even think about doing dirty stuff with your feet. I worship you. You are way too superior to me. All I meant was I wanted to lick your shoes first and then lick your soles and suck your toes, especially your big toe. I wanna deep throat your feet.’ I said in a convincing tone.
I guess she liked my dedication and my answer. PG gave me a big smile and said ‘Guess what! I might let you do that. You look like a good slave. You can lick my shoe for the time being. Do you want to do it right here in the train or what?’
I looked around. The train was outside downtown. Most of the crowd got off. There were few people sitting on other seats and they are probably gonna get off in the next few stations. There was no one sitting on the seats across ours. ‘Yes PG. I will do it right here if you don’t mind. I don’t care if someone looks at me. I can’t let this opportunity to go away at any cost.’ I said with determination.
‘Ok go ahead! Start licking my shoe, the one which is in your hand and make it shine like a brand new one. I was going to ask my boyfriend to make it shine after a couple of days. But now I can use you.’ She ordered me.
‘For sure! I would love to do that. But can I please put it on your foot and then lick it. It will be more satisfying that way.’ I said. She was still sitting cross legged. She nodded in yes. I took that shoe and put it on her right foot. She shifted to the seat on her left. So we were sitting alternate to each other on the opposite seats. She repositioned herself by putting her right foot down on floor with her right leg bent at the knee and kept her left foot on her right knee at her ankle. So basically her left shoe sole was facing me.
PG signaled me with her finger to sit on the floor. I had to obey. I sat down in my recently dry-cleaned suit on the dirty floor. Her shoe was right on my face like a few inches away from my mouth. ‘Stick out your tongue.’ PG said in a firmed voice. I liked it. I like dominatrix women. I stick out my tongue. She brought her shoe closer and wiped her soles on my tongue. She smiled looking at my filthy tongue. ‘Clean my shoe with your tongue.’ She said.
I was waiting for this moment from so long. I started licking her shoe like a dog licks a bone. I started at shoe bottoms. Her shoe soles were pretty stained. I was licking them very hard in a view of clearing all the stains. I could feel the engraved lining on the shoe sole. I started at the pointy toe and worked my way back to the heel. ‘Oh my God! I am enjoying so much. It is so satisfying.’ I said to myself. I looked at PG while licking her shoe; she was busy on her phone. She then popped her heel and inserted that long 4” pencil heel into my lips. I showed no resistance and took that heel all the way down. She said ‘Suck it!’ I started sucking it in and out. She smiled at this. She kept me doing that for couple of minutes and then I tried to take it out but she pushed it more. The train was stopped at a station. One girl who was getting off looked at me. She then looked at PG and gave her thumbs up. Then PG released the heel and took it out completely. I catched on my breath and started licking her shoe upper. I licked all the studs on the shoe and then came to pointy toe part. I opened my mouth wide and took the pointy toe box inside. I closed my eyes and started sucking on it. I sucked on for few minutes then PG took it out. She started dangling her shoe on my face. Then she dropped her shoe on my lap. I took it and started licking the inside of the shoe where her precious toes sit. It was so smelly and salty. I was enjoying very much.
PG then brought her foot down and kicked my hand with her foot. Her shoe got dropped in the aisle next to our seat. I was looking at the shoe and PG then touched my chin with her long luscious toes and turned my head toward her. I was looking into her eyes, sitting on the floor; she then slid her toes up close to my lips and started playing with my lips and my nose. Oh my God! I could sniff her toes. They were little moist and smelling so good. I was still looking into her eyes.
PG started caressing my upper lip with her big toe and came down to the lip line and finally inserted that super sexy big toe into my mouth. Her toe was cold and my mouth was warm. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip while she inserted her big toe in my mouth. I started sucking her big toe like an infant suck for milk. Her toe was little salty as I expected. She took it out and I could see a trail of saliva on her toe. I took out my tongue and licked it clean. She laughed and said ‘I knew you are a good slave who cares for his mistress.’ I blushed on it.
‘Ok lick my feet now I want to relax a bit.’ She said with a sigh of relief and closed her eyes and laid her head back.
‘Yes Punjabi Goddess.’ I replied and started licking on her toes. I started sucking her pinky toe and the then one by one all the toes. I swirled my tongue in between her toes. I made sure to clean/suck the space between the toes where dust tends to collect. She was wearing a toe-ring on her 2nd toe in this foot (left foot). I started sucking on her toe ring. It was so satisfying to suck on the toe ring. It was so loose that I was able to rotate it with my tongue while it was in her toe. I played with her toe ring. Then I took her toe out and her toe ring came out too. It was sticking on my tongue. Then I put it on with the help of my tongue and my teeth. It was so hot to suck on PG’s toe ring.
Then I started licking her feet. I started at the front with long strokes to the back. Her sole was salty too. I was leaving a little trail of saliva with every stroke. Finally I came to her heel part. I put her whole heel in my mouth and started licking it. It was a bit dry and I moisturized it properly. I worked my way back to her big toe.
I just love, love, love PG’s big toes. Their shape and size is so sexy. Not many girls have nicely shaped big toes. Normally the girls have just rounded big toes. But she has very unique, hot and sexy big toes. Also, I love her big square toenails. Plus they are painted black today. They look so bold and beautiful.
PG still had her head laid back in seat and her eyes were closed. She was looking so beautiful with the cat-eyes style eye liner. I inserted her big toe in my mouth and started sucking it badly. I was going in and out on her big toe. Then I started thinking how lucky I am that I am sitting in front of my dream PUNJABI GODDESS and had the opportunity of licking her shoes and sucking her toes. It was all a fantasy until now. It became reality today.
‘OOOOOUCH!!!’ She screamed. All of a sudden she got her toe out of my mouth and put her feet down on the floor. She leaned forward and slapped me on my face.
‘You fuckin’ piece of shit! you just bit my toe.’ She was very angry.
‘I am extremely sorry Goddess. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I got lost somewhere while I was sucking on your big toe and it happened.’ I tried to explain myself.
‘I don’t give a shit. If you can’t worship my feet then you don’t deserve them.’ She slapped me again, harder than the last one.
‘Please don’t say that. I promise I won’t give you any chance to complaint from now onwards. Please forgive me this time. Punish me please.’ I replied in a hope of calming her down.
‘I will punish you for sure.’ She replied firmly.
‘Open your fuckin’ mouth.’ She said bluntly.
I opened my mouth. PG leaned forward and brought her face close to mine. I could smell her divine scent. Then she spitted right into my open mouth. Her spit landed on my tongue.
‘Swallow it my little foot bitch.’ She ordered me and laughed.
I did what she said. I swallowed her saliva. It was so satisfying to taste her saliva. Actually I loved what she just did. She was punishing me from her perspective but it was like a reward for me. I was enjoying it. I had always dreamt of PG dominating me like this. Deep within my heart, I was craving for more of her saliva. J
She then took her left foot off the floor. I saw that lot of dirt got stuck to her big toe because of the saliva from my mouth. She sat in the same pose as before with her left foot crossed at ankle on her right knee. She grabbed my hair with her right hand. She pulled my head toward her feet and inserted her ‘now’ dirty big toe into my mouth.
‘Suck on my big toe you little foot bitch.’ She was still angry.
I was blowing her big toe with my mouth. She had my hair held firmly and exerting lot of pressure while she was making me go back and forth on her big toe. My head was hurting a lot. But I didn’t want to resist her. Actually I couldn’t resist her. I looked into her sexy eyes. She grinned looking at me. I was like a little puppy bitch sucking on her toe.
‘Ugh….. God….That feels so good!’ She moaned with pleasure.
‘Don’t even think about biting my toe. You don’t know me. Once I get mad, it is very hard for foot slaves to please me.’ She said with aggression.
This process went on for 4-5 mins. Then she got a bit tired. Pressure on my hair was loosening. I was afraid that this could be the end of my foot adventure. I didn’t want this to end at all. But it was depending on PG’s wish. She took her big toe out of my mouth. It was all salivated.
She then took her right foot out of her black pump and brought it closer to my face. She stuck the ball of foot on my nose. I started sniffing her feet.
‘Oh my god! Her foot was smelling so so good. It was very moist. I was in heaven.’
Then she slapped my face with her right feet. I could hear a tinging in her anklet when she hit me. She slapped me 4,5 times.
‘Your cheeks got red like tomatoes.’ said Punjabi Goddess and laughed.
She then placed her right feet on the ground.
‘Open you filthy mouth wide Slave’. She ordered me.
I opened my mouth as per my master’s order.
She leaned forward a bit and shot a load of spit aimed at my mouth. It landed on my tongue again. I started to swallow the divine spit of Punjabi Goddess.
‘Did I tell you to swallow it?’ She said.
‘Oh I am sorry, Goddess. I thought I do the same thing as last time.’ I explained myself.
‘You need to be taught few things.’ She said that and spitted out on the floor. She placed her right foot’s toes over it and mixed it with the dirt. She then raised her right foot and placed her toes on my lips.
‘Clean my feet you filty pig.’ PG ordered me.
‘As you order mistress.’ I replied and started licking her dirty feet like a dog licks a bone. In the matter of one minute I licked her feet clean. All the dirt was in my mouth now.
‘You are a good dog.’ She said that and spitted on my mouth again. This time the spit landed on my left cheek. She grabbed her foot and wiped that spit into my mouth. I licked it clean and swallowed her spit. I was enjoying this. My manhood was all hard.
She then inserted her big toe into my mouth and said ‘suck on it like a popsicle’. I started sucking on her big toe again. She laid down little bit on the seat and then wrapped her left foot on my neck from back side. She started applying pressure from back side while I was sucking on her big toe.
‘Do it deep throat, slave.’ PG said.
I inserted her big toe deep down my mouth. She exerted pressure from back of my neck.
‘Yes! That is what I wanted.’ She moaned and closed her eyes and leaned back a bit.
‘You have no clue, you have no FUCKIN idea how good this feels slave’. She moaned again with her eyes closed.
‘Don’t you dare to stop unless I stop it.’ She said and bit her lower lip.
She was applying pressure from back. I could only tolerate her big toe deep down my throat for about 15 seconds and then I started to choke. Cough! Cough!
I started to have watery eyes and my face turned all red again. PG released the pressure right on time.
 ‘Thankyou, mistress for having mercy on me. Otherwise I would have fainted.’ I said to PG.
PG laughed and said ‘I liked your dedication very much. How could I let my puppy slave die.’
I laughed at it too. We had fun.
‘Ok get up and get tidy up. But wait, clean all the saliva on my right feet first and where is my other shoe? My station is coming up.’ PG said in a hurry.
I took her right feet in both my hands and licked clean all the saliva which was trickling down to her anklet. Then I dried up her foot with my shirt’s cuff.
She took her right foot from my hands and inserted it into her shoe.
‘You kicked my hand when I was licking your shoe mistress. I hope I can find it in the aisle.’ I said.
I was afraid that someone must have stolen her sexy shoe. Well I would have stolen it. Then I found her shoe under the seat on the other side of the aisle. ‘Thankgod nobody has taken it. Otherwise PG would’ve killed me.’ I said to myself.
I came back with the shoe. I licked it clean to make it shine. Then I grabbed PG’s left foot and put it on her foot.
She grabbed her bag. She pinched my cheek and gave me a piece of paper. She smiled at me and started walking toward the door. I could hear her tap tap.
I opened the chit. It was PG’s number writted on it. Also it said ‘I would love to get my feet worshipped by you again. Call me.’
I started laughing at my luck. I met my dream Goddess today and had such a wonderful experience of worshipping her feet. Then at the end I thought this is it. But no, she gave me her number and I can have the pleasure of worshipping her feet again. I was the luckiest person on the planet today.
I don’t know if I still have my job though. Lol…..


The second story from Shane Tsosie

First Day at school

As I layed in my bed, I stared at the new pictures that I had recently saved on my phone.

  While spending a long time examining them, my heart was racing with excitement.  Accelerating with each new frame. The fresh memories of what I experienced today began to play again in my head.

  When I'd take a pause to snap back myself, I kept thinking, "How was she able to do that? Have I always had an interest in this sort of thing? Is this all a dream in my head?"

  However, the pictures on my phone and the special gift in my backpack were evidence that what had happened today, was not just a dream at all. It was my new reality.

  Allow me to introduce myself first. My name is S.T., and I am a junior in a new high school. And by new, I mean, I just moved here. My dad's job moves us around a lot and although it's fun to move to new places. It gets boring and awkward to have to be the new kid at school.

  It's not all bad though, the schools I've attended up to now have had their fair share of cute girls and hot teachers. That's what I like the most about these moves sometimes. Every new town we moved to, gave me a new opportunity to try to get to know the local hotties in the area.

  What sucked about them though, was trying to find someone I was able to connect with. Time and again, every girl I would try to chat up, always had the opposite interest of what I liked. This time, I was hoping for something different.

  As my dad was driving me to the school , I stared out the window and thought, "If today could be different, I want to experience something new, something I've never done in my whole life."

  I knew I was asking for the impossible, but it was a thought that helped me pass the time as we made our way through the morning traffic.

Once we got to the school, my dad said that he would pick me up today. I said my goodbye to him, got out of the car, and started making my way into the building.

  This was a big school, it took me a while to find the front office alone. Once I found it, I signed myself in with the receptionist, she gave me my schedule and asked me to take a seat in the waiting area. She said that I was going to get my welcoming address from one of the other students first before I went to my first class.

  I was sitting in the front office, waiting to get this day over with. If today was going to be like my other previous first day experiences, then I was not looking forward to being hopelessly lost while trying to find my way to every class. Going through this scenario was never fun. It would always make me stand out as the new guy, which I knew I already was, but for once I wanted to at least look like I knew what I was doing in my new environment.

  What was different about this school, was that it had a special program set up to where they would have a selected student, who was top of their class. Help out a new one, like myself, find their way around the campus without getting lost. They would pair the new student with one of these selected ones to show them where their classes would be. What made this program work so well, was that they would match the classes of the new student to the mentor student. So, they would both have the same classes together

  Which was pretty cool, but also embarrassing. I felt like I was a little kid who needed a chaperone at all times.  And I was thinking that the student I was gonna be paired with would not like the idea of having to babysit me throughout the entire day.

  I was kinda worried about who I was gonna get as my "chaperone". As I sat in the front office, I kept wondering to myself who going to be assigned to me.  Would it be one of the coolest kids in the entire school? Or would it be the top jock? I wouldn't mind if it was a nerd. But what really worried me the most was getting someone whose gonna give me Hell. Someone who would try to ditch me so I would be lost. I was a bit nervous, but i didn't want to show it.

  My heart suddenly started to race as I heard the office door open.

  The receptionist behind the office desk smiled and waved at the person walking in. She turned, pointed to me and said, "He's right over there." I was so nervous as to see who was gonna walk out from behind that open door.

  I couldn't believe who I was looking at though.  As if in slow motion, this beautiful young woman walked out from behind the door. She smiled and nodded to the receptionist, saying, "Ok. Thank you. I'll take him from here." Then, she turned, walked towards me, and sat down in the chair next to me. She smiled, and held out her hand.

  As I took her soft hand into mine, she gave me a welcoming shake and started her introduction. "Hi, my name is....."

  I didn't catch her actual name at this point, because I was suddenly lost in her beauty. She was stunning!! Her face and hair were flawless. I swear, if I didn't know better, she could've been a model. And her outfit was really nice and cute. She wore a beautiful gold chain necklace with a golden pendant of a foot on it, a cute black and white collared top, a navy blue flared skirt, and the cutest black leather flats I have ever seen in my life.

  I immediately snapped back to reality as she said "But you can call me P.G. for short. I know I have an unusual name, so I'll save you the trouble. Welcome to our school here, I'll be your guide, GPS, and your classmate here."

  "As as guide, I'll inform you of some of the clubs and activities we do here, in case you find something that suits your interest. As your GPS, I'll make sure you won't get lost in our big campus. And as your classmate, I'll help you catch up with our assignments in class, and I'll gladly be your first friend of the day as well. Meeting new students is always exciting."

  That was the warmest greeting I have ever gotten before.

  "How did get so lucky to get paired with someone as beautiful as her?" I thought to myself.

  I cleared my head, and introduced myself back to her. Trying to be as formal as she was with her intro. After doing that, she started with the rules and other formalities.

  I smiled and kept nodding my head. Trying not to lose myself in her presence again.  And after that little pep talk. She said, "Ok,  now that we've become acquainted, let's get to our class. We'll be late, but it's ok. The teacher is aware that you're new here, and that I was assigned be your mentor here. So we're good. Plus, I have this excuse slip, or as I call it, my "Get Out Of Jail Free" card." She giggled as she said this.

  "Let's get going now. The class is kinda far from here. Follow me."

  We both left the office. PG waved at the receptionist and said her goodbye. The receptionist waved back to her and said, "I'll see you around sweety." Then as I walked out. I gave her a small wave, and she smiled, winked, and gave me me a thumbs up. I grinned a little out of embarrassment. And followed PG down the halls as we made our way to our first class together.

  The hallways were wide and empty, and echoed with every step PG took in her flats, which I didn't notice before, had small heels at the bottom. It was such a cute little sound to hear in such an empty space.

  The only other beautiful sound that accompanied the tapping was her beautiful voice as she continued giving me the tour of the school. Her laughter was so cute to hear after she'd made a joke or told a funny story. It was a laughter that was filled with so much joy. The sound of her flats and her voice combined was such a good start.

  "But why would the sound of a simple pair of flats tapping on the floor make me feel happy?" I wondered.

  We got to the classroom, she knocked on the door, and walked in first. She handed the excuse slip to the teacher. He looked at it and told her to take a seat, then he silenced the other students and told me to introduce myself to the whole class.

  Once I got that over with, he told me to take a seat as well. I don't know if it was luck or just how they integrated the new student into the class. But the only desk that was available for me was right next to PG's. I sat down and got myself situated, and the teacher began to continue with his lesson. As he was talking away, I couldn't help but notice something interesting about PG.

  As she concentrated on his lesson, she would play with her shoes under her desk. She would dangle her flats by her big toe, or shake her leg erratically, making them tap very lightly, or she would just wiggle her toes inside of them. Making them give off a faint squeaky sound. Every now and then, she'd stretch her legs out, taking her feet out of her shoes for a minute before putting them down and sliding her feet back into them. She'd repeat this routine over and over again.

  As she was doing this display with her feet. I couldn't help but notice that she had some very high arches. I also noticed that she had some long toes as well. And that each of her well- pedicured nails were painted blue, just like the color of her skirt.

  As she continued with this rather unusual, yet entertaining display, I started to notice that her feet were becoming more shiny. I thought that maybe her feet were starting to get really sweaty. With the performance she gave, I wouldn't be surprised if they were.

  It wasn't long until the class was over, and we started making our way to the next one. As we walked through the hallway among the crowd of other students. I was also now noticing how her feet would almost slip right out of her flats with each step she took. It was almost as if they were a bit too big on her, or maybe that they were just slippery from the sweat of her sexy feet.

  "Wait..... Sexy?" What was I even thinking?

  We had to stop at her locker first, so she could get her books for the next class. While she was digging around inside her locker, she started to play with her left foot again while she was standing. She'd twirl her shoe around in a circle by her toes, then slide her toes in and out of the shoe.

  When she was almost done with sorting her stuff, she gave her toes a good stretch before sliding them back into the flat one last time.

  When she closed her locker, she looked at me. I quickly averted my eyes away from her feet, hoping that she didn't notice me. She smiled and said, "I know I do some weird thing with my feet, but I cant help it sometimes. I like to keep them moving, and these shoes are a great way to keep them busy."

  I laughed and said, "Oh, ok. Actually, I was noticing how your toe nails matched the color of your skirt. It's really nice."

  "Thank you. Most guys wouldn't even notice that on a girl. What they usually look at is their ass or their chest. So, thank you for noticing something different about me."

After having that little chat. We continued on our way to our next class.

  As the day progressed, we continued the same routine as we had this morning. We'd walk to class, she'd go in, she'd tell the teacher that I was a new student, the teacher would then let her sit first, then let me introduce myself to the class, and I would take my seat next to PG, etc.

  I was pretty sure that it was not luck that was on my side, but rather Fate. In all of the classes, there would be an empty desk either next to PG or slightly behind her. I'm glad that I was never seated in front of her, because I was growing rather fond of the sight of PG playing with her feet while she sat through each lesson.

  The way she would continuously manipulate her long, sleek toes and use them to take control her cute black flats with such ease; would leave me in a trance. As if her feet had a mind of their own. The way she rotated her feet around, the tapping sound the little heels made, the way her feet would become more shiny as they produced more sweat. I was growing more and more interested in watching her play with her flats than I was to the teacher.

  "But why are they so interesting? Why am I continuously staring at her feet? What do they taste like?......"

  "What?"....... What was I thinking?

  "Taste? Why would I want to taste someone's feet? That's gross........right? I bet hers' would be salty......", wait! There I go again!!!

  As I sat in confusion, I kept my eyes locked on her heels as they protruded out of her shoes. When, suddenly, a pen dropped to the floor. I wanted to see what she was going to do with it. Much to my expectation, she took her left foot out of her flat, reached across her right leg and grab it with her long, succulent toes. Then she brought it up to her hand, and slid her foot back in her shoe.

  As I looked up at her again, I saw that she was getting ready to look back at my direction. So, I quickly averted my eyes to the front of the class before she could notice.

  I think I made it in time. Because she didn't have a look of suspicion on her face as she placed the pen in her pencil bag.

  It was lunchtime, and she asked me if would join her and her friends. Since I didn't have anyone else to sit with, I said I would join her. Although, I wasn't too thrilled about being around others. When all I wanted was to be with PG and her delicious feet.

  "Delicious?"..... I knew I must have been hungry. Because there was no way I would ever think the taste PG's feet would taste so good. Even if they did look rather tasty to me.

  We waited in line for our lunch, PG playing with her toes and shoes the whole time. And as soon as we got our food, she told me to follow her to her table to meet her friends. As we made our way through the maze of tables and students, I had a growing feeling of nervousness in me. As much as I would have liked to meet new friends, especially if they were friends of PG's, I honestly wanted her to myself for today.

  To her surprise, and my relief. We came to an empty table. In confusion, PG pulled out her phone and read the messages that were left on it.

  After going through them all, she turned to me and said, "I'm sorry, my friends said they had club stuff or other things to an do during lunch. I know it looks as if they're avoiding you because you're new. But I swear, they have other thing to do. Hopefully, they'll be here tomorrow. So you can meet them all.  They're all very wonderful. I promise."

  I told her, "Oh, that's ok. Actually I get really nervous if I meet a lot of new people all although once. Meeting them one at a time is a better speed for me. So, don't worry yourself. For now, I'm happy with the company of your..... presence."

  I caught myself on time. I almost said that I was comfortable with her feet. Boy, if I did say that. She probably would have dumped her lunch on the me. And everything would have been ruined for me. She would've probably asked to not be my mentor. And I would forever be shamed as the creepy new guy who was into feet.

  "But, I'm not into feet at all.... Or at least I wasn't until this morning.... No, I'm not. But what if I was now, and PG was the reason for it."

  I tried not to become to distracted by what had almost happened. We ate, and she talked. And even though the cafeteria was filled with the sounds of the other students, I could still be able to hear PG's flats being played with under the table. I wanted to get a peek at her playful feet as she ate. But it would've been too obvious if I tried to looked under the table right next to her. So, I just sat and listened as PG told me the stories of what has happened in this cafeteria.

As much as I enjoyed these Lunchtime Drama shows, I was still trying to thi k of a way to sneak myself under the table to get a close glimpse of PG's tasty toes.

Opportunity opened a wide door for me as I thought this. As PG was going on about her stories. She accidentally dropped her fork. Which, by luck jumped it's way under the table, close to the center almost. PG and I both looked under to find where it went.

  Once she saw it, she stretched out her right foot, and by the tip of her shoe, she managed to reach it. She then tapped down on it and began to drag the fork with her pointed foot, this resulted in the arch of her foot peeking out of her shoe. Before she could pull it all the way towards her, I said, "slide it towards me. It's too dirty now for you to touch."

  She said, "Ok." And she started to slide it my way. She had to switch from her right foot to her left as she glided that fork across to me. As soon as she was close to my right hand, she lifted her up her foot, giving me room to grab the fork. I was so nervous of having my hand be this close to her, that the fork slipped out of my grasp. As soon as it hit the floor again, fate gave me another miracle.

  In that instant. Both PG and I reached for that fork at the same time. Which resulted with her stomping on my fingers under her foot. The pressure she was using to hold down what she thought was the fork was unbelievable. I wished she would keep her foot on my fingers like that all day. But, in a panic, she quickly removed it.

  Which led to another miracle; in her haste, her shoe slipped off her foot. Which landed back on my hand. Before she had the chance to grab it with her toes again. I picked it up. What a rush, to be holding the shoe of PG in my hand. I could feel the warmth of her foot coming out of it as I held it. She, then grabbed the fork with her toes instead. Such precision she had to pick it up as if her toes were her fingers.

  As I got back up from under the table. I kept her shoe in my right hand. I held out my other, motioning her to give me the fork from her toes. She was hesitant at first, but she lifted her left foot above my hand. As she hovered it over my opened palm, I could feel the heat of her sole radiating off and onto my hand.  As she dropped the fork, I could still feel the heat f her toes on the metal handle. It alo felt a little wet. After that, she then pointed her foot towards my other hand. Begging for her shoe to be put back on. As much as I didn't want to let her shoe go, I held if for her, and she slipped her toes back in. Tapping it on the floor to get it readjusted to her foot again.

  After lunch, we made our way to another class together, but I noticed that PG was surprisingly quiet. Maybe it she felt bad about what happened earlier, or was she getting the suspicion that I may planned all that back there just so I could get get a better view of her feet. But I couldn't have planned that, not all of it anyway. It started as an accident.

  "Or did it?" I began thinking, "What if she had planned that whole scenario to see what I would do? What if she was growing suspicious of me? And the course of action I chose in there was proof of my desire for her feet."

  "But why did I have this desire all of a sudden? And why was it continuing to grow as I spent more time with PG? Did she want me to look at her feet? Or was it just me?"

  I didn't want to dwell on the subject any longer, so I snapped myself out of it before we reached our next class. The whole time I was lost in my thought, PG was talking to me about how cool and funny this teacher was. So far, some of the ones I've met seemed ok, and for her to say that about this in one in particular had my expectations set at a good level.

  What happened in there was pretty much the same routine as all the others. As soon as I did my intro, and sat down; PG would immediately put on her foot show. This time, she did a lot more tapping than she did this morning. Oh the sound her flats making that sound on the tiled floor in the classroom was really mesmerizing this time. The more PG listened to the lecture, the louder and faster her feet would tap on the floor.

  Finally, after a gooday here minutes, the teacher says, "Alright Happy Feet. We can all hear you. Would please so kind as to stop with the noise. I have a roll of duct tape in my desk, and I will use it this time."

  Everyone in the class either let out a small laugh or looked at her with a cheeky grin. I could tell that she was embarassed. In her embarrassment, she slowly took her feet out of her shoes and crossed her ankles under her seat.

  I couldn't help but to also laugh with the rest of the class at this. I couldn't believe that she was able to distract even the teachers from their lessons with her active feet.

  I could see why she said this one was her favorite. He was cool with her little study habit, and handled it in a way that was funny,  yet firm.To think, what if he did have to use the duct tape? Would she resist or would she let him near her heavenly sole and strap them down with force? I'd do anything to strap her feet down, just so I could be near them.

  And I've lost myself again!!!

  As the day was nearing its end, we were walking to our final class, PG asked me to stop for a minute as she slipped both her feet out of her flats and picked them up. Carrying one side on each hand.

  "Sorry, my feet were getting really sweaty in these shoes. I love them so much, but my feet get really hot and they sweat a lot. So, sometimes I take them off and walk barefoot on the tiles so they can cool off a bit.

  After explaining this, we continued to walk to our final class. I then said, "I understand. I bet they sometimes get really smelly too if you let them sit in there for too long."

  She looked at me with a shocked face and said, "How did you know? Don't tell me you could smell them. Oh my..... how embarrassing!! It's your first day here and all you got were the stench of my feet as a first impression. Not to mention that moment in the other class where I was called out on my 'Happy Feet'."

  I laughed at her and said, "No. I only said that to mess with you. Are you really that self-conscious about your feet? Because I don't mind them at all. In fact, I hardly even noticed them today. You know, since it's my first day, and I'm already kinda behind with the curriculum; I'm paying extra attention to what the teachers are saying. So, you're good."

  I was gonna continue on, but we reached the door to our final class of the day.  I held it open for her as she slipped her feet back in her shoes and entered the room first.  For some reason this room felt much warmer than the others were. And all the windows were opened just a crack. Hardly enough to well ventilate the room.

  As she took her seat, I noticed the only other available desk was right behind her. I was kinda disappointed that I didn't have a good view of her this time. So far, the only good thing about this school was the shows she'd put on with those mesmerizing feet of hers'.

  But I thought, maybe I could hear some of her delightful tapping again. That dream was crushed too, because the room was carpeted. So, this time, I really did have to pay attention to the lesson instead of watching PG play around with her shoes.

  As soon as the class started, I could already feel like the time slowed down, and this class was dragging on way longer than the others. I could see and slightly hear PG was still playing with her shoes as before. Based on her movements this time, it seemed as if she was being more self-aware of her surround this time. I was surprised she was more focused than I was. Because the heat of this room was making me sleepy, and uncomfortable.

  Thirty minutes have passed, but it felt like we've been in here for days. I swear, when this building was made, someone must've not made the plans to add an A/C duct through this class on purpose. It was torture to be in here! I was thinking in my mind, "Man this class stinks!!!"

  Funny I thought those exact words, because just then, I swore I could smell an unusual odor. One that I could best describe as a leather bag ful of corn chips, that was soaked in vinegar.

  I could see that it wasn't just me who could smell this, as I saw the other students in the class beginning to cover their noses. It started with the students closest to me. Then, like a ripple, it began to spread to the students a bit further away. Eventually, it even reached to the back of the class.

  All throughout the room, I could tell everyone could smell this odor as i did.  Some of them would try to fan away the smell with their notebooks. Or some would try to blow it away with their nostrils. I think I even heard one girl try to hide her gag in the back. As I sat there, I saw that PG didn't seem fazed by it.

  Or was she?

  She didn't look like the others were. In fact, it seemed like she was trying to hide from everyone. Like she was the one who........

  "Oh yeah!!" I thought. "When I said that thing about her foot being smelly. She was scared that I knew. Well, now it makes sense. This odor was coming from her."  What a powerful aroma those soles gave off. No wonder she wanted to air them out earlier.

  As I sat there. I realized that the smell didn't bother me as much as it did the others. In fact, I found myself enjoying it. With the way she kept her feet active all day, no wonder whey worked up a sweat. And now was the finale to her shoe and foot play. If only I could see what they were doing now.

Out of nowhere, the teacher said. "You know what class? I'm gonna have a word with the Principal about fixing that air duct. The air quality is unbearable and may be harmful to your lungs. Especially mine, so, I'll release you all early today. We've only got 5 minutes left anyway. So, take care and do this work that just Ave written down. Meanwhile, I'll have a word with the Principal and the maintenance guy."

  As I got my books and stuff packed into my bag. I saw PG was one of the first to rush out of the classroom. I hurried out the door after her. In the hallway, I caught up to her.

  When I asked if she was ok, she turned towards me. She was as red as as a beet.

  "Oh my gosh!!!!! That was so embarrassing. I can't believe the entire class, even the teacher, smelled my feet for that whole hour."

  "Actually." I said, "it was less than an hour, we got out 5 minutes early."

  She pushed me. "Shut up. Look at you being all smart with me." She smiled again, and even giggled. I'm glad I made her laugh. After something like that, I was wondering if she was gonna bounce back to herself today.

  The final bell rang, and the day was done.  Everyone was making their way out of every exit they could find in the building. PG said she would walk with me part way to the front where the main entrance is to the parking lot.

  I asked why she was gonna go with me part way. As it turned out, she said she had some after school activities to do before she had to head home. I was glad that she wanted to keep me company for a little while longer. After being embarrassed like that, she surprisingly bounced back to her bubbly personality.

  She reached her stop at the library. She smiled at me, shook my hand again, and said, "Well, here's my stop. I had fun being with you today. You survived your first day with me. Normally, new students under my care don't make it through their whole first day, they pass out from the smell of my ugly feet after a long day like this."

  "In fact, last time, an ambulance had to come and the paramedics had to use CPR and and oxygen machine to revive the last kid I had."

  I couldn't tell if she was joking. But in a shocked tone, I said, "Really?"

  She then laughed and said, "I'm joking. I hope that doesn't happen again though. I mean, the part where my feet stink out an entire classroom. It's funny, you didn't seem bothered by it at all. Or were you? Did you like it?"

  I froze there for a second. "Earlier I said I didn't mind her feet. But in reality, I was paying attention to her the whole time. Did she notice me watching her feet all day? What should I say?"

  She then slapped me on the shoulder and said. "I'm kidding! Look at you, all scared now. I got you back for that smart remark earlier."

  I laughed at little. Not sure of what to say next.

  She then gave me a light hug out of nowhere. As she hugged me, I could smell her perfume hit me in that brief moment. It was a delightful scent. Totally different from her feet. And yet, for some reason, I wanted to smell her again.

  She waved and said her goodbyes again, then walked into the library.

  I turned and started making my way to the front doors. Smiling about how funny my first day of school was. About how I was paired with this beautiful, bubbly girl who loved to play with her shoes during classes. How her feet looked so she smooth and moist in those flats of hers. How they reeked with the smell of her feet mixed with the aged leather.

  Before I was able to reach for the door, I felt my phone in my pocket going off. It was a text from my dad.

  "Srry son, mtng is runn'n late. I'll b ther asap when I'm dun here. Think u can wait 4 me at skool?"

  This day couldn't have gone any better for me. I wanted to spend some more with PG before he got here.

  So I replied, "Yeah, I'm OK. Take your time. I'll do some how while I wait."

  After I hit <send>, I turned around and made my way back to the library. As I peered in through the doorway, I saw PG. Standing by some tables in the middle of the room. Looking at a giant sheet of poster paper that was layed out on the tables. She looked frustrated, and she seemed to be contemplating something. I could tell by the way she was playing with one shoe while her other foot was bare on the floor.

  I quietly entered the room, walked up behind her, and tapped her on the shoulder. Surprised, she turned around and nearly gasped out loud. When both had a silent chuckled before she whispered, "What are you doing here? I thought you were going home?"

  I whispered back, "My dad's running late. So....what are you doing?"

  "I'm working on our homecoming banner for the Junior class. I have this idea to put these cool designs here and these character here and here. And I'm also looking online to see what a good slogan would be and what style I should make the letters. The problem is, I'm not very artistic."

  I was surprised to hear that a girl like her, who seemed to be so good at everything, was not a good artist.

  I then said to her, "If you want, maybe I could help you out."

  She did a little jump and quietly shouted, "Really! Can you please? The rest of the committee was supposed to meet today, but they all said they had other stuff to do. You'd be a really big help if you could draw. Can you draw?"

    I smiled and said, "Yeah, I'm a decent artist when it comes to pencil and ink."

  She smiled even more and did a little dance with her feet in joy of having some help.

  I quickly got to work on the poster, I sketched the outline of the characters and the fonts of the lettering of what she wanted and where to put it. Then I copied over it again with the markers she had. Not long after, I was done with the poster. PG just stared in awe of my work. She was really impressed.

  She looked at me and said, "You are so talented, I wish you were here at the beginning of the school year. We could've really used your talent for our first football game posters. And other projects. This is excellent work."

  She then held up her hand, as for me to give her a high five. I held up my hand, and we did a very quiet high five. She then smiled and sat down. And asked if I would like to join her. I nodded and sat by her.

  We sat at the corner of the table where we had the poster on. It was perfect because I was able to get a side and somewhat front view of her as she sat and did her home work.

  What was also perfect about it was that I was in easy access of viewing her sexy feet with no one around. If I wanted to, I would've also have taken some pics of her without her knowing. Or should I have recorded her feet while they played around under the table? Would I dare try to sneak my way under and get a whiff of her shoe?

  I didn't know, all the options were sounding really good in my head. But they were also very risky. What if she saw my phone? Or saw me under the table,  staring and sniffing at her feet. What should I do????

  How was it that today, from this beautiful girl, I became interested in her feet so much? Before, I didn't really give a second thought about what kind of shoes looked sexy on on a girl's feet, or what their feet even  looked and smell like in general. How was it that in one day, this foot 'Goddess' was able to alter my mind like this?

  She must have been listening to my thoughts this whole time, because I felt a nudge on my knee, and as I looked down. I saw a perfectly good foot resting on my lap. Toes spread out, a moist sole staring up at me. And her whole foot waving at me. As if it was saying, "Here I am. Go ahead and do as you wish."

  I looked up at PG, she was staring at me, with a sly grin on her face. She then bit her lower lip and motioned me, with her eyes, to go ahead and touch her foot.

  I thought, "This can't be really happening. There's no way she'd open up like this to a complete stranger." I looked at her again, still confused on what to do. This time, she rubbed my lower leg with her foot. Up and down those long toes went. Brushing my pant leg as if it were a paintbrush.

  I slowly lowered my hand down to grab it. It was so warm, and moist. It was very smooth to the touch. It also still had an odor to it, as the aroma lingered its way up from under the table and into my nostril. I heard her giggle giggle a bit from my reaction, or was it my touch that tickled her?

  She wrote something in her notebook as I was softly rubbing her foot with one hand, while running my other hand along her leg. She handed me her notebook,  and I read what she wrote.

  In her beautiful, elegant handwriting, it read, "Do you wish to do more to my feet? There's a small cubicle with a desk in the back that we can go to if you want.  ;) ♡♡♡"

  I couldn't believe it. After spending a full day of watching her gorgeous feet from behind. After having a quick touch of both her foot and her flat during lunch. After seeing her get embarrassed in two classes because of them. After having to inhale the powerful odor they created. She, PG, is asking me if I want to do more with her fee!!! But what did she mean??

  Before she could change her mind, I nodded. She then looked around at the librarian's desk, and when she saw that no one was there. She slipped her shoes back on and signaled me to follow her towards the back of the library.

  I immediately followed, leaving my phone on the table. She stopped and pointed at it. I then picked it up, and she nodded. Grabbing my hand this time and guiding me towards the shelves. We passed a few before I saw the cubicle in the corner. She checked it to see if it was empty.

  Once she saw that the coast was clear, she pulled me by the hand to follow her in. Then, she had me sit down on the only chair that was in there. She sat herself on this big, old, heavy-looking desk. And started dangling the shoe from her right foot in front of my face.

  She quietly said to me. "I know you've  been watching my feet this whole entire day. When I was playing with them during class, as we walked down down the hallways, even during lunch, when we had that "accident". I could see in your eyes that you wanted to inhale their stench, taste their sweat, and worship my shoes.

  Even now, while I was doing my homework. I could tell what you were thinking. You were probably still wondering how to get up close to them. You couldn't resist it any longer huh? After spending a full day near these lovely little flats of mine, I bet you beginning to wondering how they would taste on your tongue?"

  I was frozen stiff in my chair. How should I respond? What should I say? Should I admit that I grew a ravenous desire for her feet?

  Before I could make a decision, PG pushed my chin up with the point of her shoe, then she dangled her smelly flat off her long, gorgeous toes. The shoe landed in my lap and then onto the floor.

  She gently stuck her toes into my mouth. Automatically, I began to suck them so hard, it was as if I was trying to drink a milkshake in a hurry. She smiled and let out a small moan of pleasure. Biting her lips as I was sucking each toe with pleasure.

  When I was done with sucking them, I began to lick between each toe very thoroughly. The taste of her sweat was really concentrated here. Her skin was smooth in these gaps, but what gave them texture were the small particles that were trapped in them. Most of it was like dirt or small balls of lint. Normally, I would have been grossed out by this kinda stuff in my mouth. But with her, my tongue was begging for more.

  As I was still cleaning her toes, she slid her foot upwards. I tried to inhale her smooth, sweaty sole as she did this. She stopped as soon as her heel was by my mouth. She then rubbed it against my mouth, forcing my tongue out. I stuck it out as far as I could, and she ran her foot down my whole face. Pulling out my tongue even farther as it left a wet trail all along her heel, arch, and  finally, the ball of her foot. She kept this going until I finished cleaning her whole right side.

  Then she placed her clean foot right on my lap, almost close to the center. I didn't want her to feel that. So, I grabbed it and started giving her a foot rub with my hand. At the same time, she dropped her left flat on the floor and proceeded in the same way as we started with the right foot. Again, I cleaned off her foot so good that there was no way they were gonna stink again for the rest of the day.

  When I was finished her left foot. I began to rub that side as well. She kept letting out small moans and giggles as I did this for her. Biting her lips each time I started to nibble at her toes.

  When I was finished with washing her feet. She told me to lay on my back under the desk. I quickly got under there, and positioned myself on my back. She sat in the chair that I was just sitting in. While down there, I noticed that the wonderful stench of her feet were down here too. It was from the flats that she dropped down here. What a powerful aroma these babies gave off. Even long after her feet were removed from them.

  She then told me to place them back on each respective foot. It was we were reenacting the scene from Cinderella. But instead of being her prince, I was her foot slave. A happy foot slave, one that got to worship the foot of not a princess, but of a Goddess. That was the word that came to me as she placed both her flat-covered feet upon my face. She was a Foot Goddess and I was her personal foot slave.

  She kept pressing her feet against my face; rubbing in that scent of vinegar, corn chips, and wet leather deep into my nostrils. She then took off her left flat and placed the insole against my nose. What a wonderful aroma there was in it. I kept taking in huge breaths, trying to suck the very scent into my lungs. She took that one off my face and repeated the same gesture with her right flat. The smell that leaked into the air in the classroom today cannot compare to the smell that was coming out right at the source.

  As I was breathing in her intoxicating foot fumes. I notice that the very inside of her flats were stained and worn by the sweat that was collected in them. I don't know how long she's had these flats, but they definitely have been through a lot.

  Once I was finished with PG's little aromatherapy session, I pulled myself out from underneath the desk and I couldn't help but smile at her. She returned a smile back at me, and slipped her shoes back on.

  She got back on the desk and sat with her knees under her chin. She tucked her skirt under and kept her herself modest as she perched there. I looked at her in confusion ass to what she was doing.

  She then whispered, "Get out your phone. And I will be tour model."

  Without even a moment's thought, I pulled out my phone and tuned on the camera. One shot after another, she was posing for me like a professional model. She was dangling, pointing, dipping, stretching, she was showing all sides of her flats to the camera. Top, bottom, outside, inside. She even modeled her bare feet. Soles, toes, and even inch around.

  As I was still taking pics of her, my phone went off.

  Another text from my dad. "Waiting outside now. Where R U?"

  My time here with PG was coming to an end. She could see the disappointment in my face as I knew I had to leave soon. She got down from the desk, looked around to see if the coast was clear again, and we both made our way back to the table up where we did the poster.

  As I was putting my books and stuff into my backpack, I saw that PG was taking off her flats, and placing them into the bag as well. As she zipped it back up, she gave me a wink and and a smile.

  "So, I hope you enjoyed your first day here. I know I did, I definitely learned something new."

  I asked her, "What did you learn today."

  She replied, "I learned that somewhere in every guy, there is a little foot slave that is begging to come out. You are the best one I've had so far. And it only took you one day to learn of your hidden gift. Again, you really are talented. And I can't wait to see you again tomorrow."

  She then gave me another hug. This time it lasted longer than the first one. As she was letting me go, she whispered, "I'll be wearing my open-toed wedges tomorrow. My feet get really dirty when I walk around in those ones. And I am also offering some private tutoring here in the library after school. If you're interested..... I have a feeling you won't be very focused in your classes from now on."

  She then packed up her poster and other items and made her way out of the library. Turning back one last time to wave at me. Once she was gone. I slowly unzipped my bag, half of me in disbelief that she actually left her shoes inside. Sure, enough, the smell alone was a dead giveaway. And inside her right flat was a small note.

  On it was written, ( 987-654-3210 ♡♡♡ I hope to hear from you soon. You were very good. I ♡'d every second of it, keep up the good work. ♡PG )


A story from Shane Tsosie


I was sound asleep, and lost in a very deep dream. I can't recall all the events of this dream, but do remember that I felt what I believe was a ball cotton floating on my nose. It floated around my nose so much that I swear I felt it turning my nose. And a gust of wind blew it right past me.

The wind blew so hard that I could feel it blowing right behind me. As if someone opened and closed me in a hurry. And, I swear I thought I heard a very faint voice in the distant. I couldn't make out what it was that was said, because as soon as I heard the voice I could hear some faint tapping noises in the direction of the voice.

The tapping became louder, and louder. And all of a sudden, I felt a sharp twist in my nose. It shocked me so much, that I let out a loud cry in shock. And to my surprise, I heard a loud scream.

"Ahh!! Oh my, did I scare you? Are you.....ok?" Said the mysterious stranger. I could tell by the tone that this stranger was shocked, worried, and somewhat confused all at the same time.

"I'm fine." I said, as I slowly started to open my eyes. I was re-adjusting my nose by twisting left-to-right. Then, right-to-left. While I was doing that, I was trying to gather my wits and adjust my still sleepy eyes to my surroundings. As soon as my vision cleared, I looked up at this mysterious stranger.

Sitting before me was a tall young lady. (Being only 8 inches high, she was almost a giantess to me.) She was slim, had smooth, dark skin, the most beautiful of features on her face, lovely hair, and she wore a simple, yet very cute outfit. Which I can only describe as having a short sleeved top with a collar, and a pleated skirt. Both of which were a light shade of blue. Her legs were smooth, thin, bare, and very sleek. And her feet were also bare, and they were adorned with the shiniest of black shoes ever, that had these straps that wrapped around her soft feet.

She sat there and stared me for a short pause. Not knowing what to say next. Then, she stuttered, "C-can you help me? I'm looking for a very curious white rabbit. I think he went this way...."

"No, haven't seen the likes of any rabbits down here.... Not recently anyway. Of course, there's always this white one that's always in a frantic. Says he's always late for somethi-----"

Just then, her eyes lit up and she jumped to her feet in excitement. "THAT'S THE ONE!!! He's the one that I'm------" she started jumping her excitement, shaking the ground before me. It was startling, but oddly, in a good way.

I then abruptly replied, "But I haven't seen him in a long while either." Although I was awaken by this stranger, I was still trying to shake off my drowsiness.

She stopped jumping and looked at me in even more confusion. "B-but I....."

"Nope, haven't seen him in a long while. You should try another door."

"Is there another door?" She asked.

"Nope, just me."

In a sharp tone, she asked, "So, then why did you mention another door?"

"Oh, did I say that? No, you must be mistaken. I'm the only door here in this room. You're welcome to check if you like. But, I am the only one here. And if your rabbit came in through here. Then he would have had to go through me."

The stranger stomped her foot. The shock of the impact of her shoe hitting the tiled floor sent a strange shiver in my bolts. It was strangely exciting. Then she started to pace back and forth in front of me. The sound of her shiny strap shoes made the most delightful tapping sounds as she took each step. Thinking of what to do.

The more she thought, the more frustrated she became. So I asked her, "Excuse me. May I ask what is your name?"

"It's PG." She said, still pacing.

"PG, how about you take a look to see if your rabbit did come through here."

She stopped and said "Look where? Through the walls?"

"No, you silly girl, through the keyhole in my mouth. I'll just open up real wide and you can check to see if can find him."

She stared at me in confusion for a long while. Not knowing if she should listen to a word she just heard. Finally, she said, "Ok, but i don't think it'll be that simple to see him through your mouth. He's probably miles away by now."

Nonetheless, she crouched down and i opened up my mouth as wide i could so she coukd get a decent look. As she peered through, she had gotten so close that I could feel the heat of her forehead close to my face. And for some odd reason, I could smell a faint, yet delightful fragrance coming off her.

Suddenly, she gasped, hopped up, and in her excitement, she started to jump again. Her jumping in those black shoes, made some loud tapping sounds that echoed through the room, along with her outburst of joy.

"There he is!!!" She said, "You have to let me throu----"

I cut off her sentence by saying, " I would, but you're too big. So much so that it's impassible for you to enter."

PG, again, gave me a puzzled. Then she started to think, and while she was thinking, she started to lightly tap her right foot. It started off slow, but the more she concentrated on her thought, the more her foot tapped. As she was doing this, I couldn't help but watch her as she was tapping her foot away. Again, it gave me an odd shiver in my bolts.

She then replied, "Don't you mean it's impossible to enter......"

I interrupted again by saying, "No, it's impassible, not impossible. You see, nothing is impossible."

I said this to see what she would do next. And like I predicted, she thought again, and her foot started tapping again. Not only did she taps her foot. But I could also see, that we mile one side tapped, the other shoe would move and stretch from her toes scrunching up on the inside.

After sorting her thoughts in frustration, she stomped the floor again, and started to walk off in the other direction. I didn't want her to go just yet. I was growing fond of how her feet would react to her mood. Almost as if they had a mind of their own.

So, I shout to her, "PG, there may be a way for you to enter."

She, stopped in her track, turned around, and ran her way back towards me. Her shoes giving off that delightful tapping sounds with each stride.

She was so excited, that she didn't sit or kneel in front of me. But instead, she squatted. She kept her legs tightly closed as to be modest. And she also tucked her skirt between the back of her thighs and calves. But none of that mattered to me, because I had a close, and full view of her feet in her shiny black shoes right in fron of me. They were so shiny, that I could almost see my own reflection in them.

To keep her in this position. I started off by saying that there may be a way for her to enter through my door if she was smaller. As I said this to her, she leaned in closer. Balancing herself on her toes almost. I then continued by saying that in order to grow small. She must drink a special potion. As I said that, she leaned in even more. Balancing on her toes. But this time, the heels of her feet slid out just a bit from the back of her shoes. I then finished by saying that once she grows small enough, then she'll be able to enter through and follow that white rabbit.

She leaned in so close that her heels popped right out of her shoes. So much so, that they actually made a loud pop. Which echoed throughout the room. Leaving a faint echo for a slight moment. I could see the excitement in her face, I could feel her ready to jump in the air once again in her delight. And I also smelled a slight odor of some sort. Not like any I've ever smelled in my life being here. It was kind of pungent, like an aged cheese kind of smell, mixed with vinegar and what I can only be described as wet leather.

As I looked at her feet in that brief moment, which seemed to have slowed down for some reason. I then realized that the aroma was coming straight from her shoes. Did her feet make them smell like that? Why is it pungent, yet delightful? Do they always smell like that?

As time sped in that moment. PG, again jumped up and dance around in delight of hearing my news. As she danced, I kept my focus on her feet. After getting a small whiff of that arousing aroma. I then decided to make it a goal to inhale even more from those bare feet in those shiny shoes.

When she was done with her dance, PG ran to me, crouched down, and asked. "Where can I find this potion."

I then, slyly smiled and said, "Silly girl, it's been on that table right behind you this whole time."

As soon as I said this, she stood straight back up. And turned around. Just then a glass table appeared with a small glass bottle on it with a very big card tied to the neck of the bottle. She then turn to me and stomped her foot. The feel of the shock so close to me really shook my hinges.

She said, in a sour voice, "You're so mean, teasing me like that."

She then turned around again and she immediately bolted to the table and grabbed the bottle off the top. She flipped the card and read what was written on it. Out of curiosity, I asked her, "What does it say?"

"It says, DRINK ME." Then, she held the bottle and observed it for a long while. As she did so, I noticed her foot was not tapping this time. But instead, her left foot was sliding in and out of her shoe ever so slowly. Once in a while the shoe would cling on to her foot and when it was released, it would fall and tap the floor. Making that delightful taping sound that would echo out.

I was a fool of a Doorknob to put the table out that far. Had I know she would do this different action with her feet. I would have kept it nearby so I could a better view, and hopefully, a good sniff of her very playful feet. While she was concentrating on the bottle. She switched foot, and started a kicking/sweeping motion with her right foot now. As she swung her foot back and forth, it would brush the floor beneath her shoe. Making a scraping noise that really peaked my interest.

She started to swing to hard that she eventually kicked one of the legs of the glass table. Making it ring out a bit. Upon hitting the table, she snapped out of her observation trance, and looked at the leg of the table. She then said aloud.

"It's not marked poison, so I'll go ahead and take a sip." With that, she pressed the bottle to her soft lips and swallowed most of the content inside. She then place the bottle back on the top of the table and turned towards me. As she started to walk towards me, I could already see the potion taking its effect on her. With each step, she shrunk down a few inches. As she was shrinking down, she was too focused on what the flavor of the drink was to notice her transformation.

Finally, as she finished taking her last few steps, she looked up, or rather straight at me and gasped a little. She also jump back in awe of what she just now realized. She was exactly the right height to fit through the door that stood in front of her. Rather than below her. She was so excited that she started hopping with joy. Although the taps from her shoes were not as loud as they were when she was her regular size, they still had a nice small, tap to them when she hopped around.

I then grinned and told her to go ahead and open the door. With joy, she turned my nose and tried with her little might to get me to open. But it was of no use. And reason why was because I was locked. But she didn't know this. "What's wrong?" I asked her.

"It feels like you're........locked?"

"Am I?" I exclaimed in a false tone of shock. "I could've sworn I was unlocked this entire time. But it's nothing to worry about since you got the key from the table right?"

PG suddenly froze herself in fear after realizing what she just heard. "Key?" She asked. "What key?"

"What the one on the table." I said, as I pointed my nose to the direction of the table. As I did this motion, a key just then conveniently appeared on the table. Since PG was so much smaller now, and the table was farther away from her. She didn't notice me make that key appear just now and just assumed that she must have not seen it at all while she drank the bottle earlier.

PG then stomped her foot again, and started running towards the table. Making the tiniest tapping noise I ever heard. They were so tiny, that they didn't leave an echo like they did before. It was too long until she reached the leg of the table that she kicked. She tried her very best to climb the slippery surface of the leg. She climbed up quite a ways up before she lost her grip all together and slid down the leg. As if it were a fun slide. Her next attempt she did barefoot.

Again, what a fool of a Doorknob I was to place the table that far away. There was no way I could get a good glimpse of her bare soles and toes. Gripping the glass leg of that table as she attempted another climb up the slope. Another thing too was the sweet aromas that were escaping from her shoes that were left there below. Unattended.

While Alice focused her attention on her tedious climb. I tried to think of a way to get her foot to cone to me. Never have I ever had a desire such as this to bury my Doorknob face into the foot of a beautiful girl such as this one here. I thought, "With feet like hers, she's no ordinary girl, she must be a Goddess of some sort. And such a Goddess needs to be worshipped "

As I was lost in my thoughts, I saw that Alice lost her grip again and started to slide her way back down to the bottom. This time she built up so much momentum that she slid farther across the floor. So much so, that she almost covered half the distance from me to the table. Once she stopped, she got back up, looked back at the table in vain, and slowly trudged her way back to get her shoes.

She was in such a sad mood that she took a long time to put them back on. After fitting on one shoe after the other, she sat down, and with her legs closed together, she propped up her knees and buried her face in them and started to cry.

"What am I ever going to do now?" She said as she sobbed.

PG was quite a ways from me to bother tucking her skirt under her to keep her modest. At this point, she was too upset to notice that she had sat down facing towards me. And although I did feel bad for her, I still had it in my mind to try to get her to bring her feet to me.

Suddenly, i said to her. "PG!!! Have you tried the box yet?"

PG looked up, and in a sour, sobby mood, replied. "What box? You know I've had quite enough of your mean tricks."

I replied to her, "No tricks this time. Check the box right in front of you." PG then wiped her eyes a bit and tried to peer down in front of her legs. She straightened her legs out and spread feet apart a slight bit. Thinking the box was somewhere between.

"It's right there in front of you. You can't see it just yet because your skirt is still in your way." I said.

Not wanting to lift her skirt up, she straightened her legs out and spread out her feet a bit more. To the point where her legs were straight on the floor and her feet pointed upwards. Her soles facing me directly. I noticed that her left foot was facing directly towards me now as she did this. It was right at this moment I decided to make the box appear.

In a blink of an eye, appeared a small box. Just between PG's knees. She jumped a bit when she saw it there. And she immediately opened it up. Inside were little cakes and cookies that were labelled with different wordings. She scanned each treat and decided to take one of the cakes that read EAT ME on it. "Curiouser, and Curiouser." Said PG, as she placed the cake to her mouth.

Upon taking a bite out of the cake. I suddenly heard PG scream in surprise. And at the same time, I saw a black figure fast approaching me. It was the moment I was waiting for. The Gossess named Punjabi was bringing her foot to me at last.

Even though she grew at such an alarming rate, time slowed itself down for me to enjoy this perfect moment. As PG grew bigger and bigger. Her foot came close and closer to making contact with my face. It was only a matter of...................


IMPACT. Her foot hit my face with so much force that I was nearly pushed in through the doorway that I was in. Any harder, and she would have pushed me clean off my hinges. The arch of her shoe was pressed right against my nose, i think it may have dented it in a bit. But I didn't mind, the closer my nose was to her Heavenly foot, the better it was to get a better whiff of her arousing foot odor. The sole of her shoe was right in my line of sight. I could see the wear and tear these shoe went through while this beautiful giantess of a goddess wore these perfect shoes. And the best part of all was her baby heel. It was near my mouth. If she propped her foot up any higher, then I would be able to suck the very tip of the shoe heel that made that melodious tapping sound as she walked around the tiled floor in here.

As fate would grant me. After the initial impact, I could feel that the Giantess' foot was still growing. I could feel the arch pushing my nose upwards, grinding as it pressed me further in my doorway. Although the sole of the shoe was being replaced by the arch, it was still a delight to see this shoe right in front of me. And the heel, reached my mouth just right to where I latched on. And even though it was a short heel, with PG still growing. It pressed itself further into my mouth.

As time sped up again. I realized that the Punjabi Goddess, or in this case. The Punjabi Giantess had stopped her growth. Just before she stopped, I heard a loud thump come from the ceiling. Did she grow so large that she bumped her head? It was hard to tell. Her giant left foot obscured my view of anything beyond her shiny, dirty, lovely,....... smelly? YES!!! I can now smell her lovely Goddess aroma. With each breath I was able to get, the fresh stench of her foot was now blessing my nose with its perfection.

As I enjoyed this perfect moment. I felt her Giantess' foot trying to move around a bit. It pushed me around in different directions; up, down, left, right, and even back. Everytime I was pushed back I could feel my nose denting in even more from her arch. I could also taste the heel of her shoe even better as it was pushed deeper into my mouth. Every now and again, I saw a cracked of light peer in from the gap between her foot and my door frame.

I then heard the Giant Goddess' voice cry out. "Are you OK? Did I hurt you? I'm trying to move my foot out of your way, but I've grown so large that it's a very tight squeeze in here. I can't seem to move my leg out all the way. I think my shoe got wedged in there pretty tight. If you're OK, please let me know."


"What? I'm sorry, I didn't catch that."


"Oh, I'm so terribly sorry about this, because of me chasing that silly rabbit. I got you in this mess. I feel so bad for having my giant smelly foot against your face like that. Poor thing, you must be suffering down there."

"Quite the contrary." I said to myself. "This is the greatest moment of my life of being a Doorknob. Not only do I get a foot as rare and as beautiful as this in my face, but it also has a great smell, and is nicely caressed within a perfect pair of fine leathered shoes such as the one I'm enjoying right now. Sure, I put her through a lot to get this, but it is so worth it right now."

It was quite a while. And after a few time of PG shuffling her foot around to get me free. She was able to get her heel out of my mouth. Completely clean of course. PG then asked me if there was a way for her to shrink down to size. And as much I didn't want her to shrink back down. I knew my hinges weren't going to last any longer if she started to press me in again. So, I told her to look for the bottle from before. She tried, but could not maneuver herself well enough to to search all the space that weren't taken up by her Giantess body.

As she tried to search for the bottle. I was cherishing my final moments with this giant foot on me. It was short-lived. But also, the greatest moments of my life. If only, I could be with them forever. After cherishing my last few whiffs of her Giantess scent. She eventually found the very tiny bottle and said she was ready to take a sip.

As much as I dreaded seeing her foot be shrunken down and having to walk away from me. I though to myself that it was better to have had this happen than to not have had it at all.

And with one tiny sip of the shrinking bottle. I could feel the pressure of PG's foot slowly being released from my face. The black figure that came at me at such a fast rate before was now shrinking back down at a slower rate. Almost like her foot didn't want to leave me.

As I saw PG shrink back to her original size. I was suddenly facing down at the floor. Turns out, PG was able to free me from the hinges of my door frame. After seeing me fall forward. I heard the delightful taps of her shoes rushing to my aide. She picked me up and looked at me with a a face of concern.

"Are you OK? I'm sorry, having my giant foot against you like that has broken you. You poor thing. Now what will you do, with no one to fix you, how will you be a door?"

I then said to PG. "If you can take me with you, back to where you came from. I will tell you a way to get out of here. Forgot that rabbit and take me to be your foot worshipper."

PG gave me a slightly disturbed, yet puzzled face. "Foot worshipper? What do you mean by that exactly?"

"Never have I ever seen such lovely feet from someone who is almost a Goddess. After seeing your feet and what they can do. After feeling what one can do. I want to feel what your other shoes feel like.i want to take in the sweet aroma of your feet. Morning, noon, and night. You can use my nose as a massager. Just rub your arches all over. Sweaty or not, I doesn't mind. I want to be around your feet. Please take me with you."

PG held me and starred into my pleading gaze. Unsure of what to do. As she pondered her decision. I heard a tapping sound from Belo me. I knew she was lost in thought and was deciding what to do with such a tiny thing such as myself.

Finally, PG sighed, and said. "Ok. Never has a piece of house wear has complimented me on my stinky feet. Maybe having you around won't be that bad. Plus, if I ever want to feel like being a giantess again. I'll just slam my 'giant' foot in your face again. But not too hard this time."

"I won't mind. Now, the way to get out of here is........"


The third story from Feeture Feature


Some months ago I obtained my first pair of the Goddess’ shoes. I made a shrine for them in my bedroom. Now, you may not know this, but shoes can talk nonverbally. They can project words into your mind.
These shoes said they were happy with how I was caring for them, touching them all over lightly, inside and out, and carefully removing some bits of damage. But they missed the friendship of other shoes. They had not looked forward to retirement and wanted more than just being adored.
So they kept projecting into my mind that should a certain pair of snake-print heels become available, I should obtain them as well. Because the shoes had sat together in the Goddess’ home, they had become close friends.
Well, the time arrived, and at first I resisted buying the second pair of shoes. I was satisfied with the beautiful first pair. But the shoes were persistent and finally I sent a bid and was rewarded with the shoes. The pair I had already was jubilant, looking forward to a reunion.
The postal service had been slow in delivering the first shoes, but now was even slower, causing both me and the shoes to have anxiety. But finally the package arrived and I opened it to find the snake-print shoes in good condition and looking very nice. I took the shoes out of the package to meet their long-lost friends.
Snake-print L: “Oh, my friends, we have been so long in the darkness and cold, it is good to feel the warmth of light again. And we may only have the sense of feeling but traveling here was disturbing with being tossed about so much. We gave thanks we could not see, hear, or smell, or especially taste, our surroundings.”
Original L: “It is indeed a pleasure to converse with you again and we are so happy you have joined us. You will be glad to know your new owner will care for you well, rubbing you lightly all over and giving you pleasure.”
Snake-print R: “We are happy to hear that and so glad you begged him to obtain us. Surely we will be happy together.”
Original R: “We do have some regrets. I am sure you also share them. The Goddess wants to wear only the best and though we feel we were retired too young, we served at her pleasure. As much as we have come to respect and care for our new owner, we feel we should still be doing what we were made for—protecting beautiful female feet and displaying them to best advantage.”
Snake-print L: “That is why we are so glad we will have you to keep us from getting too depressed.”
Original L: “We do not show many signs of wear, and neither do you. But yet, the Goddess thought it was time to retire us. I am sure our new owner is pleased we are in such good shape. But all he can do is stroke us as if we were pets, we cannot protect him. And he must keep us hidden away as a secret treasure.”
Snake-print R: “Already I miss the slightly moist, soft touch of the Goddess’ toes and sole. It was so inspiring to know we were showing her at best advantage.”
Original R: “You have had a long journey and it is time to rest. We will have a lot of time to speak and I am sure we will eventually get used to our new life here. It is so good to have you with us.”
The shoes then became quiet and I placed them so they were all touching one another and could sense they were among friends and that I, their new owner, appreciated them greatly. I just know it will be a long relationship.



The second story from Feeture Feature


I recently was honored to receive a pair of high heels preworn by the Goddess. This was comparable to finding the Holy Grail or a piece of the True Cross. In order to pay proper honor I prepared a shrine to house the shoes.
One day I had retrieved the shoes from the shrine and was sitting admiring their looks, particularly their small size and shiny bronze insoles. I was contemplating how nice it was to be able to touch the same material that had been touched by the bare feet of the Goddess.
Suddenly my stare was transfixed as I stared at the shoes. I saw gorgeous small feet with wiggling toes appear above the shoes. I could not move. A voice spoke inside my head. “I am the Goddess and I am well pleased with your honest admiration of my feet, as evidenced by your sincere purchase of the shoes. I have the ability to transmit my voice and image across the many miles that separate us. I wish you to enjoy the facsimile of my feet. To you, it will be as if the images are the real thing.
“I want you to know that throughout time there have been many Goddesses throughout the regions of the world. And you have been fortunate to experience some of them. We will remember the first, so you know just how long you have been noticed and encouraged by us.
“It was 1969 and the movie Alice’s Restaurant was opening in the city where you were an undergraduate student. Having come from a small town, you were really enjoying big city life and going to movies back in the time before VCRs and the Internet was extremely popular. You often attended opening nights and weekend showings. And so did many women, accompanied by males or females, straight from their jobs and much more fashionably dressed than at the current time.
“You were early and near the front of the line to enter the theater. Once inside you had to quickly decide where to sit. There was a couple a few seats in a row in the middle of the auditorium. Something told you to sit beside the woman. I can now tell you she projected that intention into your mind. Even though there were many seats still available you knew the place would fill up and the seats were in a popular area. So you sat there. You were with a male friend who sat on the other side of you.
“The woman was nice looking and young. She did not seem to pay any particular attention to your sitting beside her. She was in a dark skirt and white hose with black pumps. She had taken off a gray raincoat, as the weather had been threatening. Once or twice as people moved past you to claim other seats, you noticed that the woman (let’s call her the early Goddess) had popped her heels from her shoes as she shifted her feet to let people pass.
“Soon the theater darkened and it was time to show the coming attractions. You were surprised to see a crossed leg ending in a shoeless foot beside you. Then the foot stretched out and propped itself against your calf. The other foot lifted to the early Goddess’ seat and was right beside your thigh. Then the crossed leg foot also lifted to the seat. Those white-hosed feet looked so inviting but you were an inexperienced student and did not know how to react.
“The next move of the early Goddess was to lift her legs so her knees were under her chin. Since she was in a skirt, she protected her modesty by covering her legs with her raincoat. But it must have gotten too hot under the raincoat as soon her legs were down again and you could not be sure if she was lifting the hem of the raincoat up and down and flapping the raincoat against your leg or if her toes were wiggling just outside the raincoat and brushing your leg.
“All this time the early Goddess was essentially ignoring her companion and giving you all her foot attention. She again lifted her knees beneath her chin, this time her feet were clear of the raincoat. Then the feet came to the side of the seat again, one foot extended farther than the other. The extended foot started to rotate and quite quickly the sole smacked into your thigh. She immediately stopped the rotation but did not say anything and did not remove the foot. You wanted so much to stroke that foot but you were afraid as you had never done anything like it.
“It was a long movie and probably about half over at this time. Again the knees went up to the chin but then came down quite suddenly. You could feel the rush of air her feet pushed up the side of your body. The air smelled of musty leather, moist nylon, and sweet sweat. The feet rested there a bit.
“She was seated to your right and put the right foot down but kept the left up right next to your leg, slightly touching the leg, until the movie ended and she slipped her pumps back on. It has remained one of your enduring memories of a special experience. I can tell you it was meant to encourage you to remain faithful in your love of feet throughout your life.
“And now we are in the present,” the Goddess said, as the lovely toes with green polish kept wiggling. “It is time for you to be rewarded.” And she stuck her beautiful, fresh-smelling feet right in my face. I opened my mouth and tasted her slightly salty toes. My tongue explored deeply between the toes and across her soles. It was truly amazing and I could remember nothing that gave such joy. I spent some time enjoying both her feet until finally she said, “It is time for me to go. Thank you for being such a devoted, sincere servant, I appreciate it very much. Continue to enjoy the shoes and you may possibly enjoy another visit or maybe another surprise.”
My head cleared and the feet were no longer present. The shoes were simply a nice pair of very pointy heels. I silently expressed my appreciation of what had just occurred and returned the shoes to their shrine. I then went into a deep sleep to dream of the Goddess.



A story from Feeture Feature

My name is Feeture Feature and I recently had a dream that I encountered the Goddess in my travels. I know this could never happen and I am sure her boyfriend will forgive me and understand the inspiration.
It was a hot August day and I was flying to Europe from New York. At Kennedy airport I had plenty of time before my flight. The airport was crowded and I scanned the lounge looking at the women’s feet. One young woman was particularly lovely and had slipped out of her pink flats. Despite the heat she was wearing hose, along with loose trousers and a silk blouse.
Finally passengers on my flight were called to the gate for boarding. To my surprise the young woman, along with some male friends, went to the same gate I did and when we boarded she was in the window seat directly behind me.
The plane was soon at cruising altitude. I had worn a long-sleeve shirt, anticipating a cold airplane. Suddenly I felt something brushing at the back of my sleeve. The Goddess had slipped off her shoes and propped her feet on my armrest at the window. The tickling felt nice.
She had opened and raised a newspaper so that she and others could not get a view of what her feet were doing. I hugged myself so that my right hand was tucked under my left armpit and my right fingers were free to explore her feet. I felt the ball of one foot and it was incredibly soft in the hose. I could even distinguish the whorls on her skin.
If she felt my fingers, she made no indication and I enjoyed myself immensely.
Then it was mealtime. The feet disappeared as the trays were served. I had recently had foot surgery and had slipped my own shoes off. I pushed the feet back until they rested on the little rail beneath the airline seat. The Goddess must have stretched her own feet forward as I found my heels stroking her toes. And then she moved her feet so she made a sandwich of one of my heels with her feet as the bread. We spent the meal playing footsie.
I hoped her feet would return to the armrest when the movie was shown. I had further hopes of possibly sucking her toes in the darkness. But the feet did not return.
However, as soon as the movie finished, the newspaper came up and the feet rested on the armrest and against my sleeve once more. Again I explored her sole with my fingers. Finally the plane was descending at our destination. The feet pulled back but just before they did so, a big toe flexed against my fingers, which I understood as good-bye. Never before or since have I enjoyed a flight so much.



A story from Alex

I had an appointment at 3:00pm with PG at the bank. I walked into the bank and took a seat and waited for PG. I used to make an appointment with her every other week at the same time. I wouldn't really need much work done on my accounts but I would always find a way to have at least a 30 minute meeting with her. The reason for my frequent meetings with her was so that I could watch her play with her shoes and see her beautiful feet. After a long day at work in her sexy heels she was always dangling her shoes and showing off her feet. From our frequent meetings over the past year or so I had developed a pretty good relationship with PG.

I had reached the bank 10 minutes earlier because PG always took me in early. This was because I was always her last appointment for the day and she wanted to go home early.

When I arrived PG was still in her office with other clients. This was unusual. 5 minutes later she came out of the office. The first thing I noticed as she walked out were her 4 inch black stiletto heels. They looked so good on her. She was wearing grey trousers and a black full sleeve blouse. PG looked especially stunning today. She looked like she was in a hurry to get somewhere. She quickly walked past me and smiled. A few minutes later she quickly walked past me again back into her office. It was now 3:15 and I was still waiting outside. Again her office door opened and she hastily walked out. As she passed by she said,

“Sorry for the wait. Really busy today.”

“It's all right” I responded.

She rushed back into her office. It was now 3:30. This was usually around the time PG went home for the day. Maybe we weren't going to have our appointment today. Man! I really wanted to see her shoeplay in those stiletto pumps. A couple minutes later she walked out of her office again. She looked at me and mouthed the words

“I’m really sorry”.

I smiled and said, “It’s okay.”

On her way back to her office she came by and took a seat right next me. She was holding some papers in her hand. As she sat down she let out a soft groan and leaned her head back in the chair.

“Ohhh these people have had me running around for the past hour. Every time I get a chance to sit down for a little while they always make me print out some documents for them.”

“Doesn't the printer in your office work?”

“No it broke down today. Someone was supposed to come and fix it but they never showed up. So now I have to walk all the way across to the other side of the bank to pick up documents which I printed. And that printer is so slow too. I have to wait at least 2 to 3 minutes for the printer to start.”

“Oh that sucks.”

“Yeah I know. Anyways I better get back to my clients. Sorry again for making you wait. I shouldn't be too much longer.”

“That's no problem. I know you usually go home around this time so I don't want to make you stay back later if you need to go home.”

“Oh no that's all right. We'll still have our appointment today. I’ll just stay back later today.”

She got up and walked back into her office.

I sat there for another 30 minutes, it was now just past 4:00pm. Then her door finally reopened. Out walked her clients. She motioned for me to come in. I walked into her office and took a seat. I always kept my chair a little back when i sat down so that i could see her dangle her heels while we talked. She would never notice because her eyes were usually on her computer or paperwork in front of her. She sat down and immediately double heel popped. I could see her beautiful arches free themselves from her high heels. I also noticed she was curling her toes in both her shoes too.

“So what do we want to look at today?”

“Oh you know the usual just wanted to know whether i should move investments into different accounts. Or if there are any new offers you guys have for credit cards or anything else?”

“All right let me pull up your accounts.”

She turned her head to face the computer. At the same time she placed the heels of her feet back in her shoes and crossed her right leg over her left. She rotated her right ankle a couple times before the sweet sound of her shoe coming off the heel of her foot could be heard. POP. She was dangling her heel on her right foot. Her whole foot was visible except for her toes which were hidden underneath the front of her shoe.

“Oh god my computer is so slow today.”

I chuckled. “First your printer broke and now your computer is slow too.”

“I know right! That’s why i’ve been so busy today. Can’t get anything done quickly. Either running around for the printer or waiting for this stupid computer to load pages.”

She let out a soft groan and I saw her left hand go underneath the table. With her right foot still dangling her stiletto high heel she rubbed the arch of her foot with four fingers. Still looking at the computer screen I could see the exhaustion in her face. I had never seen her this tired before. All that walking in heels today really must’ve taken a toll on her.

“Finally! Ok so i see here you have…”

I really stopped listening to what she was saying most days after she started playing with her shoes. I would get so lost in her gorgeous feet that i could care less what she was saying and would just agree blindly with what she was saying. But today was different. I still didn’t care about my accounts but i wanted more than the usual when it came to her feet. Her feet were hurting her more today than i’ve ever noticed in the past. I wanted her to take those shoes off so that i could see her feet completely. Maybe she would let me massage them too or even worship them! Hell i had to try. I was never going to get a better chance. She kept on talking but I was thinking of my next move. What could I say to get her to take those heels off? I had to think straight but how could I? I tried to focus on what to say or do but i took a long stare underneath the table and couldn’t look up again.

She had been dangling her right stiletto pump pretty intensely for the past 5 minutes or so. Very deep dangling, I could see her beautiful high arch free itself from her uncomfortable shoes and get some fresh air and relief. Then her toes started to appear as the dangling got deeper and more intense. I could see her toenails were painted white. Wow they looked so good! First it was just her pinky toe, but then i started to see the rest of her toes as well as she continued dangling. She was shaking her shoe vigorously at this point. Left and right and up and down trying to get as much of her foot out of that shoe as possible while still maintaining on it her foot somehow. 4 of her toes were free now. The 4 inch stiletto was left dangling only her big toe. I must’ve been drooling at this point but luckily she was too busy talking about my accounts to notice. She kept dangling, curling her other 4 toes, sometimes tucking them under her pump before removing them again. She had so much control of her pump with only her big toe. Her pump rocked ever so slowly now on her big toe. It was just barely hanging on. If i just touched it ever so slightly with my shoe i could knock it off her foot. She kept her pump in that position on her big toe for what seemed like an eternity. Almost her whole foot exposed. I just wanted to dive underneath that table, knock that shoe off and massage and worship her sore, sweaty, and beautiful feet. Should i just nudge it off, i thought? She would definitely know it was me who knocked it off. But it would be just an accident. She wouldn’t care. But maybe she would start shoe playing less if she thought that her legs were so close to mine that her shoes were getting knocked off.

Her foot and pump had come to a stand still now. Absolutely no movement. Then a miracle occurred. She moved her ankle upward, flexed her arch and curled all her toes. I watched as her stiletto pump fell on to the carpeted floor between us. She kept her foot in the same position, almost like she was displaying it for me to appreciate. I could see all her sexy white nail polished toes. Her wrinkled soles looked so tempting, I wanted to dive under the table and get a good sniff and taste. I had to keep her shoe off. With her shoe still on the ground I quickly pulled her pump closer to me with my right foot. This way when she went to find her shoe to put it back on she would have to ask me for it. She then moved her ankle downward, flexed her arch again and uncurled and spread her toes. Wow! I was almost about to pull out my phone and take a picture. She was teasing me so much, but her eyes were still fixed on her computer. She didn’t know the rush of excitement that she was giving me. She rotated her ankle around a couple a more times before uncrossing her legs. She started moving her right foot around the floor trying to search for her shoe.

“So in my opinion I would suggest moving…”

She looked under the table.

“Oh sorry. Would you be able to pass my shoe? It’s right beside your chair.”

“Oh yeah sure.”

I could have just kicked the shoe back to her but I wanted to reach down and feel the insole of that pump. Maybe I could get a sniff too. I bent over my chair far enough so that my head was completely under the table. I picked up the shoe with my right hand and placed four of my fingers inside her shoe. That insole was very moist. Her feet have to be sweaty. I tried to take a whiff of her pump as well. I brought the shoe a few inches away from my face and took a quick breath in before placing the shoe near her majestic foot. Even with the pump a few inches from my face I could smell the strong aroma of her feet. The combination of that aroma and seeing her beautiful foot up close resulted in me hitting my head on the table on my way up. Luckily she didn’t notice.

“Sorry about that, my feet have just been killing me today. These shoes are a half size too small and i’m not used to walking around this much all day in heels.”

“Oh no that’s all right. You can take them off if you want. I don’t mind, especially if it would make you more comfortable.”

“Oh no I can’t do that. My boss has already seen me with my shoes off before in my office when i was just by myself and he got upset. If he saw me with my shoes off with a client he would get really mad.”

“All right.”

“Now where was I? Oh yes your…”

After she slipped her shoe back on she didn’t dangle her heels at all. I shouldn’t have moved her shoe. She got so embarrassed when she had to tell me to give her shoe that she didn’t want to risk dangling again and dropping her shoe. But I did notice that she kept moving her toes around in her pumps. I could see the movements in the tops of her shoes as she kept trying to curl and stretch her toes. God I needed to get her shoes off! That short glimpse of her feet was not enough. About 5 minutes had passed.

“So what do you think about that?”

I had no clue what she was talking about. But I knew to get her heels off I would need to make her stand up. Maybe while sitting she could bare to keep those shoes on but if she was standing in them there’s no way she would keep them on. At least that’s what i hoped.

“Can i get a print out of that?”

“Of what?”

“Of how much money i have in each account and my investments and stuff. I just want to take a look at everything on the table before I make a decision.”

“Ok sure. Let me go get it for you. I’ll be back in 5-10 minutes. You know how great the printer is” she said jokingly.

“I’ll go with you. I want to see why this printer is slow.”

She gave me an odd look. “Uhm ok. Sure. I guess you can give me some company.”

Sure she might’ve been weirded out a little that i wanted to follow her to the printer but she didn’t suspect my foot fetish.

The printer was quite far away from her office. Took a couple minutes just to get there. She walked over to the printer and placed her elbows on top and leaned over on it.

“See. It just says preparing to print. It stays like that for a few minutes before it starts to print.”

I pretended to look around the printer to see where the issue could be coming from but i really didn’t care. I was hoping it would say preparing to print for the next hour so I could watch PG dip and remove her high heels.

“Yeah I don’t know. Hopefully your printer will be fixed soon.”

“Yeah i hope so too.”

About 30 seconds passed by and I was just standing there looking at the printer pretending to fix the problem. Then I noticed PG shuffling around her left foot. She pressed up on the ball of her foot and heel popped off her left pump. I saw the heel of her left foot emerge from her shoe. She then shuffled her foot a little more before her full foot came out of her shoe. She had her toes curled. She placed her left foot on top of her shoe and spread her toes out wide. I almost fainted. She kept spreading and curling her toes, giving them the freedom they needed from those narrow heels.

“Ugh…” she moaned.

“I’m usually in a pair of flip flops right now.”

She then raised her left foot up slightly, curled her toes and pushed the tops of her toes down on to the carpeted floor.

“Are you sure you don’t want to take them off when we get back to your office? I’ll tell your boss it’s all right and that i don’t mind.”

“That’s sweet but today I think i need something more than just taking my shoes off.”

A massage?! She wasn’t asking me to massage her feet but she definitely wanted one. Should I ask her? What if she gets weirded out? Oh hell what other chance was I gonna get at her feet.

“You know I took some classes in reflexology last year, if you want I can try out some of the techniques i learned. They’re really helpful.”

A complete lie. I didn’t know anything, but it was worth a shot.

She gave me an odd look. “You would massage my feet? They’re pretty sweaty and stinky. Besides I was planning on going home, taking a nice hot shower and then going out for a massage. So thanks but…”

I had to give it one last shot.

“None of those masseuses know my techniques. Besides won’t it feel better right now, immediately while you’re feeling the discomfort? And you’ll have to pay for a massage, i’ll do it for free.”

She smiled. “Ok I guess you can do it.”

“Where do you want me to give you the massage?”

“Well i guess it’ll have to be my office since we need to finish off our appointment as well.”

“What about your boss?”

“I’ll lock my door and close the blinds. He usually hates when i do that but i don’t care. I need this massage.”

The documents printed out and PG slipped her left foot back into her pump. We walked back to her office. My heart was racing. I was getting to massage the feet of PG. Who knows what could happen after but in the best case scenario I would be worshipping her feet.

She walked into her office and I noticed the first thing she was about do was take off her heels. No! I grabbed her shoulder.

“I’ll take them off for you. Just have a seat and relax.”

She seemed taken aback but listened to what i said and kept her heels on and took a seat. I closed and locked the door and closed the blinds as well.

I pulled my chair around to her side of the table and sat right in front of her.

“Have you ever gotten a foot massage before?”

“Uhm well yeah a couple of times, kind of. I wouldn’t really call it a massage more like a gentle rub.”

“Well then this will be your first foot massage.”

“Good. I need it badly.”

I motioned for her to give me her left leg. She raised her left foot a few inches off the ground and I grabbed her calf and pulled her leg the rest of the way up.

“So now that we have these documents printed what do you think of my suggestion?”

I wanted to massage her feet not talk about my accounts. Man she was relentless.

“Can you just explain to me again what you were suggesting?”

“Ok so what i was thinking is that…”

I tuned her out completely now. My focus was only her feet now. I was going to give her such a good foot rub she was going to forget about my stupid accounts.

I grabbed the heel of her left pump and yanked her shoe off and placed it on the ground. I grabbed her majestic foot with both my hands and raised it up slightly. I can’t believe i was finally getting the chance to caress the feet of PG. Her foot felt so moist and sweaty, i wanted to bring my nose down and take a deep breath in, but i couldn’t, not yet at least. I had to focus on giving her the massage of her life. With her foot in both my hands i took both of my thumbs and pressed firmly on the top of the heel of her foot. I began to slide my thumbs up her sexy high arch.

“You currently have ---” she stopped mid sentence as i was sliding my thumbs up her arch.

“Ohhhhh that feels so good!”

I didn’t say anything and kept doing the same movement on her foot.

“Wow… that’s really nice.”

She had stopped talking for a couple minutes and was just staring at her feet being massaged. She had almost had look of awe in her face as if she was surprised at how good of a job i was doing. Then she started on about my accounts again.

“Sorry that just feels amazing. I had to take a moment to relax. Where was i?”

Would she just shut up and relax. No wonder she’s so exhausted she tries too hard at work. She tried to continue talking but i put a stop to that. I picked up her right leg and placed it on my lap with her left foot. I quickly removed her left pump and placed it on the floor beside her right shoe.

“Oh right i was talking ---”

“Doesn’t it feel good to have both feet finally out of those heels?” I asked cutting her off.

“It really does feel good.”

I began doing the same technique on her right foot that i was doing on her left foot. Massaging her arches with my thumbs.

“Ugh... god…” she moaned as she closed her eyes and leaned her back on her chair.

I had to keep her mind off my accounts.

“Your arches are really tense” I said.

“Ugh i know. I wear these heels so often and then i have all this stress at work. It’s so nice to finally have them relieved.”

“Yeah those heels keep your arch flexed the whole day. You need to give them a good rub so that you can unwind.”

“Yeah… you’re right…” her breathing started to slow down. Now she was beginning to relax.

I kept rubbing her arches for a few more minutes. Sometimes moving my thumbs straight up and down and sometimes moving them in circles across her soles. Her feet were so lubricated with sweat that it was so easy to move my thumbs around her soles. They were just gliding along her foot. She still had her eyes closed and head leaned back. Sometimes giving a short “Ohhh” or “Ahhh” in between. I then moved to the heels of her feet. I took my palm and pressed down along her heel.

“Yesss… you know all the right spots.”

“A lot of pressure comes on the heel of your foot. Especially when you wear pumps with such thin heels like the ones you’re wearing.”

“You know your stuff.”

I massaged the heels of both her feet for a few more minutes before moving to her toes and the balls of her feet. Had to save the best for last. I held her left foot with both my hands and pressed both my thumbs into the ball of her foot.

“Oh lord! Yes! I need that massaged!”

“Those stilettos have pretty much no padding in them for the balls of your feet so that’s usually what hurts women the most.”

I pressed my thumbs even more firmly into the ball of her foot and she moaned even louder.

“Those reflexology classes must’ve really taught you a lot!”

“Yeah they’re not bad.”

I was really pleasing her now. I needed to get her a bit more satisfied before i could mention possibly sucking her toes or licking her feet. I brought my fingers behind her toes and starting pushing up from the ball of her foot all the way up to her toes.

“You’re a magician with those hands!”

“Haha i figured your toes were hurting. You have such long toes, having them crammed in those narrow heels must be hard.”

“Yes it is! It’s like you can read my mind. How many more techniques do you know?”

“Haha depends how long you want the massage for?”

“Don’t even think about stopping.”

This was good. Almost there. One last move to push her over the top.

I picked up her right foot and took the four fingers on my right hand and stuck in them in between her toes and used my right thumb to massage her arch.

“Ohhh you need to start doing this professionally. You would make a lot of money. God that feels good!”

I laughed. Maybe i should.

“You know this is my best technique because it keeps your foot in the opposite position it’s been in all day while also massaging it. Your toes get squeezed in those narrow shoes, your arches are forced to be flexed and…”

While still doing the same technique on her right foot i brought my left hand to her right calf and starting rubbing it.

“Ughhh FUCK!”

“Massaging the calf is very important. Most people forget that wearing heels causes your calf to be flexed as well.”

“Shit! You have no idea… you have no fucking clue how good that feels!”

I think i had her right where i wanted. Her right leg was getting the pampering it deserved. I continued on listening to her moan louder and louder as i kept massaging her feet and calves. I switched to her left leg and the satisfaction continued. Now i needed to think of a way to worship her feet. How could i bring it up? Before i could think of something clever she asked

“You know I’ve never had a guy be this committed while giving a foot massage. They usually do a couple minutes or less of massaging then give up. Most guys hate feet and don’t want to touch sweaty stinky feet. But you, you’re different. It almost seems like you’re enjoying this as much as i am. Are you?”

Shit! Should i answer truthfully? This could be my window to worshipping her feet. But what if she got creeped out and the massage ended. Fuck it.

“Uhhh… yeah… i am.”

“I thought so. You have a thing for feet?”

“Yeah uhm… sort of. Well actually it’s more of a thing for your feet. You have such perfect, gorgeous toes, beautiful high arches and such soft soles. You have the best pair of feet i’ve ever seen in my life. I hope this doesn’t weird you out.”

“Oh that’s so sweet of you to say. I never thought my feet looked that good. It is a bit weird but if you can give me foot massages this good i could really care less. So is that all you like to do? Massage my feet?”

“Well there are some other things i would like to do, but again you might find them odd.”

“I probably will but like I said after the massage you just gave me i think i should at least repay you by allowing you to do some different things to my feet.”

“Really?! So if i licked your feet and sucked your toes you wouldn’t mind?!”

“Oh my god. Is that what you want to do? My feet are so sweaty and stinky though?”

“That’s how i like them.”

“Uhm sure. If that’s what you really want.”

I immediately stopped the massage and brought her left foot right in front of my face. I could see her giving me a very hesitant look.

“Trust me, if you liked the massage this will feel even better.”

I stuck my tongue out and licked her whole sole, starting from the bottom of her heel all the way to the tops of her toes. God that tasted great! She let out a quiet shriek. I kept licking her whole sole, starting from the bottom each time and working my way up slowly, making sure i got my tongue on every single part of the bottom of her foot.

“Mhmm that is kind of nice. My feet were really hot sweaty. That is cooling them down.”

“See! What did i tell you.”

I picked up her right foot but this time i shoved it into my face and took a long deep breath in. Oh lord her feet smelled so good! That perfect combination of leather and foot stink.

“You’re into some odd stuff. Don’t they smell really bad?”

“Yes! They do! This is why i love your feet so much!”

She gave me another odd look but i could tell she was hiding a smile. She liked having me serve her feet. Massage them and now worship them. I was giving her feet the much needed attention they deserved and she was loving every minute of it.

After smelling her feet i went back to licking her soles. I just wanted to empty my mouth of all its saliva. After thoroughly “cooling down” the bottoms of her feet I started sucking her toes. I took her left foot and sucked on her pinky toe and on then the one beside it. Then i worked my way over to her other toes. I made sure to suck each toe individually. Especially her big toe. The toe that she has so much control with when dangling her pumps. I really sucked her big toe well, made sure to spend at least a minute just on that one. Giving it the appreciation it deserved.

“In a very odd way, i’m liking this.”

Then i opened my mouth wide and put her whole left foot in my mouth.

“Oh wow!”

I swirled my tongue between all her toes.

“Oh my god! That actually feels really nice.”

After 15 seconds i pulled her foot out of my mouth. I could see the saliva trickling down her foot. I immediately grabbed her right foot and did the same thing.

“You are amazing with your hands and tongue. I should’ve had you do this to my feet months ago!”

I took her foot out of my mouth and began to go to town on her feet. Just licking and sucking them like a dog, shoving them in my face to smell them and even massaging them again just to give her as much satisfaction as possible. I looked like a wild animal that hadn’t eaten in days probably. Whereas she looked like someone who has having the time of her life. Every now and then she let out a moan in satisfaction.

“Ohhh that’s good!”

“Yes! That’s the spot”

“Ughhh god! Don’t stop doing that!”

I was going wild. This was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me. I was enjoying every second. An hour must’ve passed since i started rubbing her feet but who even cared what time it was. We were both thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Then all of a sudden a loud HONK! HONK!

“Oh shit! What time is it?”

She looked at her watch.

“5:30?! My ride has been waiting out there for more than 15 minutes! Shit, sorry I have to go.”

“That’s all right. I think we both enjoyed ourselves for long enough.” I chuckled.

“Oh i certainly enjoyed myself. That was the greatest thing anyone has ever done to me in my life. You don’t know how good it felt after such a long and exhausting day running around in those high heels to have someone take them off and massage and pamper my feet. I don’t even remember what happened today but my feet feel absolutely amazing right now. Thank you so much!”

“Oh believe me it was my pleasure!”

“We have to do this again and often. Maybe every week or even more often. Actually whenever you can come in would be great. I need this to unwind after a long day sometimes.”

“Anytime PG! Just give me a call if we don’t have an appointment set-up that day and i will gladly do whatever you want me to do to your feet.”

She stood up. Gathered her belongings and headed towards the door. I noticed she left her heels exactly where i left them.

“You were never interested in your accounts were you? Just my feet.”

“Haha uh yeah i guess i don’t have to lie anymore.”

“Well it really paid off for you.”

“I guess it did. Aren’t you going to put your shoes back on?”

“Oh no! Not today not after you pampered them so well. I’m going to relax my feet for a little while. You keep those heels safe for me until next week, then you can give them back to me. A little extra treat for you for doing such an excellent job.”

She gave me a wink and walked out of her office completely barefoot.

I picked up both her heels and ran into my car. I immediately took both her heels shoved them into my face. Oh my the aroma was so intoxicating. Again that perfect leather and foot stink combination just filling my nostrils and lungs. I began licking her shoes all over. I could remember the taste of her feet when licking the insides of her pumps. God the insides were so damp with her sweat. I was in heaven! Again! I couldn’t stop thinking about her feet, her heels and what a great day i had. I put her shoes aside and drove home. When i got home i lay down on my bed and threw her shoes onto my face and kept at it. I eventually got tired and fell asleep. I dreamt about her feet. The next day i awoke to see her heels right beside me on my bed. What a story there was now with those heels. I was going to clean them up real nice with my tongue and bring them back to her next week. I can’t will until the next time the Punjabi Goddess wears these stiletto pumps!